Comments from Clairton coach Wayne Wade about game officials

Written by Mike White on .

The day after the PIAA Class 1A championship Friday and the talk here in Hershey isn't much about the game. It's about the talk of Clairton coach Wayne Wade after the game.

Wade criticized game officials after Clairton lost to Bishop Guilfoyle, 17-0. He didn't do it with just one comment. He blasted officials a number of times to a number of reporters. He criticized the officials for the past three seasons. When asked some questions about the game, Wade kept getting back to the officials. He claimed their calls took momentum away from his team, but he also claimed Clairton has been getting the short end of officials calls for three years.

For the game, Bishop Guilfoyle was penalized four times and Clairton three times.

It was almost as if Wade wanted to take the state championship stage to make a point, saying he wanted his comments made public.

What were his comments? Well, here they are:

"If any of you want to come and watch film with me, [Bishop Guilfoyle] holds every game. Every single game. Yet not one holding call on them."

"The calls didn’t go our way. They never seem to go our way."

"I don’t want to keep harping on it, but the reason I'm saying it is because we go through this all year."

"[Bishop Guilfoyle] is a great team. I don’t’ want to take anything away from them because I'm complaining about the officials. But they are a Catholic school and they have a 50-some man roster. For us, it’s difficult. For us, it's a huge accomplishment for us to be here. With 28 guys suited up, we're going against this team that gets to go and get all the players they want and have a 55-60 man roster.

"I thought my guys gave everything they had."

"If you look at the laundry laid on the field, most of the time it was against us – and it happens to us all the time. Then in the fourth quarter it’s against the other team to try and even it out. I’ve been saying this the last three years. It happens to us even when we win and it needs to stop.”

“I’m going to keep saying this because I’m not in the NFL. I’m not in college. I can’t be fined. So I’m going to keep saying it every chance I get.”

When told the PIAA could penalize Wade for his comments, Wade said, “Tell them to penalize me. What is the penalty? Whatever it is, I’ll take it.”

"It's terrible and I'm tired of going through this. Two great football teams and they get all the calls."



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