Beaver Falls' Josh Creach has loads of potential, but it appears college basketball isn't in his future

Written by Mike White on .

During his successful tenure as Beaver Falls' basketball coach, Doug Biega has coached numerous talented players, including some Division I college players. Biega believes 6-foot-7 junior Josh Creach might end up as his most talented player, but don't necessarily look for Creach to be playing college basketball in two years.

Creach (pictured) has things that Division I colleges like - size, athletic ability, long arms and talent. He was good all season, but was terrific in the postseason. He had 37 points Tuesday against New Castle when Beaver Falls saw its season end with a 56-52 loss in the PIAA playoffs. It was a game where Creach showed off many of his abilities, scoring in various ways and making five 3-pointers. A long, 6-7 kid with that kind of ability would seemingly have a nice college future, especially with one more season of high school remaining.

But Creach doesn't really want to go to college. While so many kids just want that Division I college scholarship, Creach said in an interview a few weeks ago that he doesn't want to go to college. College isn't for him, he said. He might like to try and play professionally overseas right after high school.

I don't know if the overseas thing will happen, but he definitely doesn't seem interested in college. Biega knows it, too.

"Josh is trying to figure things out," said Biega. "He's starting to figure out where he wants to be in the future. He's starting to realize that if he wants to use basketball for where he wants to be as an adult, he needs to clean up some areas of his life."

As far as basketball ability, Biega had this to say about Creach:

"For raw talent, I haven't had anyone like him," said Biega. "I didn't get a chance to see those guys from Schenley [the 2007 team] and obviously I didn't coach [Aliquippa's] Herb Pope. But I can't imagine they were a whole lot better as juniors. Josh is about as gifted an athlete as I've seen and he's really a gifted basketball player. If he would just work on some things, work on that left hand a little and clean up some things fundamentally, the sky would be the limit for that kid."


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