Garrity will walk on at Penn State ..... Boyd will probably visit Tennessee

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The last time someone named Gregg Garrity walked on to the Penn State football team, it turned out to be a big success story.

Could it happen again with another Gregg Garrity?

Gregg Garrity Jr. confirmed last night that he will join the Penn State team this fall as a walk-on. His father did the same thing after graduating from North Allegheny High School in 1979. Dad went on to be a starting receiver for the Nittany Lions and was a key member of a national championship team before playing in the NFL.

Just like his father, Gregg Jr. (pictured against Seneca Valley) played at North Allegheny. Like his father, Gregg Jr. is on the smallish side and was not heavily recruited by big-time colleges. The difference between the two Garritys, though, is that Gregg Jr. played receiver. Gregg Sr. was a runnig back in high school.

Gregg Jr. showed plenty of promise this past season, leading North Allegheny in receptions with 67. He set a school record for receiving yardage with 1,240.

Boyd to visit Tennessee?

The recruiting saga of Clairton's Tyelr Boyd continues. Boyd most likely will take a visit to the University of Tennessee this weekend, according to Clairton assistant coach Eric Fusco.

Boyd made a verbal commitment to Pitt in early January. But he visited West Virginia last weekend and now comes this possible trip to Tennessee.

You might consider Boyd's recruiting saga a little strange, but it's the way recruiting is these days with verbal commitments that sometimes mean so little. Boyd announced his Pitt choice on national television. But later that day he was already talking about how he would probably make other visits to colleges. Go figure.

Smith already recruiting

Terry Smith left Gateway last week to become receivers coach at Temple University. He already is recruiting this area. On Monday, he was at Aliquippa High School.

"You have to go where the talent is," Smiths aid. "They have at least three Division I-A players next year."

Smith is diving head first into his job at Temple. His wife and 14-year-old daughter will not move to the Philadelphia area for a year. Smith will live alone.

"Only because with something new like this, I want to be really good," Smith said. "I want to be great at what I do. I want to give everything I have and I don't want to have the pressure of worrying about my family being at home and I'm in my office at 10 at night still working. So they will wait a year before coming here." 

I'll have some more comments from Smith about Gateway and his new job in tomorrow's Post-Gazette Varsity Xtra.

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