RIP Chuck Noll: The Emperor Ascends

Written by Dan Gigler on .

noll chief

Just imagining a scene where the Chief says to the Emperor, "Pull up for a cigar, kid. The view is something else from up here." And Myron brings them a couple toddys before they retire for the evening with Webby, LC, the Ranger, Mad Dog and Fats among others. 

An uncountable number of inches worldwide have already been written about THE GREATEST football coach in the game's history -- all respect to Halas, Brown, Lombardi, Landry & Shula; Chuck Noll exceeds them all -- but one truly heartfelt comment from a friend couldn't be more sincere and perfect about how Steelers fans worldwide feel tonight:

matt noll

Thank you, Charles Henry Noll, for what you brought to the City of Pittsburgh: Pride, during dark days when it needed it the most, and a legacy that is 45 years running. May you rest in eternal peace. 

And as a postscript, this excellent NFL Films video capturing the badass that Chuck Noll was as a player. 

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