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During a press conference earlier this month, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin went out of his way praise the work ethic of his emerging franchise receiver Antonio Brown, favorably comparing it to that of James Harrison, and in a story today detailing Brown’s being named the team’s MVP, our Ray Fittipaldo made note of the extra training that Brown routinely engages in weeknights after the team’s workday is long done.

Several nights a week, Brown pays to fly in trainer Alton Kenner, proprietor of Atlanta’s Result Factory who puts him through the paces of a rigorous regimen tailored for an elite athlete of Brown’s caliber at a Downtown gym.

I know this, because I happened to be a member of the same gym and myself and the other armchair jocks there would sneak glances admittedly in a bit of awe of a professional athlete at work, doing all-manner of supersets, ridiculously high box jumps, some kind of modified yoga-looking walk on all-fours -- you name it.

I asked Brown about it earlier in the season, and he told me that he and Kenner would, “work out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and I keep my bulk on, so I stay strong throughout the course of the year.”

“I like that one-on-one. In the NFL we have strength coaches that work with almost 50 or 60 guys, and it’s not that attention to detail and one-on-one base,” Brown said of his choice to seek personal training.

“Over the course of lifting from the summer, you want to keep that challenge in your workout as you’re getting that burn, you’re getting that conditioning. You can feel the difference during the course of the year, making you better as that journey unfolds over a long season. You want to keep on that bulk so that way you got that added strength to be able to block and to be able to break tackles.

Though the workouts are strenuous, Brown said they don’t go overboard.

“We be smart, but its definitely making me stronger from where I came in this summer, during training camp. But over the course of the season you lose that bulk when you get in game shape. That’s the difference between keeping that bulk and that game shape. It makes a difference in the fourth quarter.”

Clearly it’s had the desired effect during the fourth-and-every-other-quarter as Brown was not only named the team’s MVP, but tonight was also named to his second Pro Bowl.  

Brown said that Kenner has also helped him adjust his training table for peak performance.

“We do nutrition. He’s got me eating quinoa and Greek yogurt and helping me to replenish and stay healthy,” Brown said.

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