The Tomlin Two-Step

Written by Dan Gigler on .

This has taken on a life of its own on the Interwebs last night and today with all kinds of photoshop, GIF, meme and social media fun. 

No doubt a penalty should have been assessed and the NFL is going to review the incident. I personally think it was probably an accident -- based mostly on Tomlin's 'oh crap' reaction when he just barely got out of the way and his smirk when the crowd booed him ...

I highly doubt he'd be that flippant if he were guilty. He'd be poker-facing it. However, Tomlin rarely takes a stupid breath so maybe some gamesmanship was afoot.

I remember Bill Cowher once restraining himself from tackling a Jacksonville Jaguar. But if you're going to trip a guy -- you should really make it count like Alabama's Tommy Lewis did to Rice's Dicky Maegle in the 1954 Cotton Bowl:


If anything, it's provided another great wrinkle to a great rivalry, as did last night's game, even if the ending didn't happen the way Steelers fans might've hoped.

What do you think? Accident or intentional?

Here's some of the best of what's floating around on the web: 

tomlin dance 10

tomlin dance 4

tomlin dance 6

tomlin dance 7

tomlin dance 8

tomlin dance 9

tomlin dance

tomlin dance 2

tomlin dance 3

tomlin dance 5

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