So you're telling me there's a chance!

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The number crunching pros at have released their weekly probability sheet for the percentage likelihood for teams to find their way to the postseason and based on the Steelers dramatic 19-16 win over Baltimore on Sunday, bringing their record to 2-4, that number has increased for Pittsburgh to ... a whopping 16.1%. 

The Steelers chance of winning the division: an even 10%. 

Furthermore, it breaks down what the Steelers record needs to be over the next 10 games to make the playoffs.

Final 10 Games   Playoffs %

10-0                   100%

9-1                     99.998%

8-2                     98.855%

7-3                    70.419%

6-4                    11.69%

5-5                    0.05%

4-6                    0.00004%

3-7                    0%

2-8                    0%

1-9                    0%

0-10                  0%

Note how substantial the dropoff is between a final 9-7 record -- a 70% of making the postseason -- and an 8-8 record -- 11.7% chance. 

Purely for the sake of discussion, let's say they beat Oakland this weekend. And even though these teams have better record than the Steelers at the moment, let's go ahead and give them a pair of wins over Cleveland, a win over Buffalo at home next month and at home over Miami in December.

And might as well go ahead and tick off two losses on the road to New England and Green Bay.

That puts them at 7-6.

So in our hypothetical discussion, they'd have to go at least 2-1 against a Detroit team that scores a lot of points (but gives a lot up too); a Thanksgiving night brouhaha at Baltimore; and a Sunday night home game against Cincinnati, the class of the AFC North thus far. 

A tall order to be sure, especially with what we've seen from the Steelers thus far. But, in the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas ...

What do you think?

Do the Steelers have any chance of making the postseason?

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