A Tarnished Towel?

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A fun post on Sean's Ramblings today about something that I'd noticed in the preseason, but didn't think much about until this weekend: the appearance of other team's logos on the Terrible Towel. 

UK TOWELTo explain: While up at training camp, I'd noticed that the Steelers were selling a commemorative Towel for their game in London later this month, and that it included the Minnesota Vikings helmet (right). Personally, I thought some incorporation of a Union Jack might make for a better choice for such and item, as the location of the game is more interesting than the opponent, but they're playing Minnesota, so fair enough. 

The London Towels were also on sale during the preseason games, and I did hear a few people grouse that another team's logo shouldn't be on such luminary linens. But, there's something of a precedent -- a specially made Towel for the 2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field featured both the home Penguins logos and the visiting Washington Capitals, as it was a special event (though hardly a special game).

However this week I did spy something new in the -- gameday towels featuring the helmet of the opposing team, in this case the Tennessee Titans (bottom). Presumably, this will go on all season, which means that there will be future towels with Browns, Ravens and Bengals helmets, to name a few. 

As Sean notes on his blog: 

Over the years, there have been multiple variations of the towel including a pink Terrible Towel for breast cancer awareness and a towel showing logos from the 6 Super Bowl Championships. I've never had an issue with any of these towels because they are often commemorative and sales benefit a good cause. That changed yesterday when I received this e-mail from the Steelers selling a special Terrible Towel for the London game against the Minnesota Vikings. ... 

So why is there a logo of an NFL team other than the Steelers on the Terrible Towel? The towel is about the Steelers and should not include the Vikings logo.

So how does this sit with you, Steelers Nation? 

Should another team's logo adorn the Terrible Towel? Is the sanctity of the Towel now tarnished? (remember, these are important things to consider as a war looms in Syria)

Titan towel

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