Meanwhile, in Miami ...

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If you're feeling appropriately pessimistic following the Steelers 16-9 bedwetting Sunday at Heinz Field, here's a little schadenfreude to warm your black and gold soul.

You'll of course remember Mike Wallace -- explosive wide receiver who mostly ran great fly patterns but not a whole lot else, kinda moody, quit on plays, held out from training camp, signed a laughably massive contract with the Dolphins in the offseason. That guy. 

Well things are off to a great start for him in Miami. 

Wallace was blanketed by Cleveland CB Joe Haden and held to only one catch for fifteen yards and wasn't even targeted in the first half of a game that the Dolphins ultimately won. But his team's victory seemed to be of little consolation to Wallace. 

Jeff Ireland escorted a visibly angry Mike Wallace toward the Dolphins locker room Sunday afternoon, the general manager’s arm locked around the player’s waist as he led him away from other people. Ireland talked to the visibly upset and sullen Wallace the entire time as Wallace shook his head in disgust until they both disappeared into the Miami locker room.

"The winning locker room.

"The same Dolphins locker room where everyone else would soon be celebrating. ..."

Salguara continued:

" ....when his simmering frustration boils over so publicly after a victory, it suggests he’s more concerned with “me” than “we.”

"And that’s bad for the Dolphins.

"Yet that’s exactly how it looked when Wallace was among the first players to get dressed and leave the locker room while still wearing a scowl on his face.

"“I don’t feel like talking, man,” he said, as he walked past me.

"He was asked about not being targeted in the first half.

"“Ask coach,” he said. “It’s not my game plan.”"

Wow. And this is only his first game as a Dolphin.

[UPDATE: Wallace is already walking back what he said after the game]

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