A priest, a minister, a rabbi and Mike Tomlin walk into a bar ...

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... bartender says, "What is this, a joke?" 

Well, the men of the cloth weren't at the Mt. Royal Inn in Etna yesterday, but Mike Tomlin was, according to a Deadspin tipster who said the coach picked up a few sixers for himself and, in a class move, a round of drinks for everyone at the place, then took a picture with the lady below, who appears to have a Steelers tattoo embedded into her sleeve, right by the elbow. 

No word if she'll be added for depth at DB in training camp. 

***UPDATE: Joel Sundo, the guy in the picture on the right, writes in to clarify a few things -- Tomlin popped in and watched the Pirates game for awhile, chatted affably with the regulars, signed autographs for anyone who wanted one and posed for pics outside, and was basically an all-around Mensch. He had two beers and left an appropriate tip. He didn't buy a round for everyone or any six packs. The lady in the picture is the younger sister of Sundo's girlfriend, and they haven't particularly appreciate the nastiness generated in comments on social media and websites regarding the photo. 

Speaking of training camp (and Steelers tattoos), Colin Dunlap of the FAN absolutely nails it in this primer to some of the folks you'll see on the campus of Saint Vincent over the next few weeks. My favorite is "Unprepared for the Sun Guy" because I've totally been that guy. 

tomlin and lady

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