Stats and a few thoughts from yesterday's spring game

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Pitt wrapped up its 2013 spring season with the annual Blue-Gold game last night at Bethel Park High School. Here's a link to my story from today's P-G about quarterback Chad Voytik taking advantage of his opportunity. Here are the stats from last night's game, followed by a few thoughts...

Chad Voytik: 27/33, 358 yards, 3 TD
Tom Savage: 6/11, 80 yards
Tra'von Chapman: 0/4, 0 yards
Trey Anderson: 3/6, 37 yards

Isaac Bennett: 20 car, 114 yards, 1 TD
Malcolm Crockett: 11 car, 45 yards, 1 TD
Desmond Brown: 18 car, 90 yards, 1 TD

Kevin Weatherspoon: 11 rec, 175 yards, 1 TD
Manasseh Garner: 10 rec, 100 yards
Ed Tinker: 4 rec, 46 yards
Desmond Brown: 4 rec, 19 yards
Chris Wuestner: 2 rec, 45 yards
Scott Orndoff: 2 rec, 41 yards, 2 TD
JP Holtz: 2 rec, 16 yards
Devin Street: 1 rec, 14 yards
Brett Zuck: 1 rec, 14 yards
Isaac Bennett: 1 rec, 12 yards

Mike Caprara: 12 tackles (9 solo)
Nicholas Grigsby: 7 tackles (6 solo)
Ejuan Price: 6 tackles (6 solo)
Todd Thomas: 6 tackles (4 solo)
Jevonte Pitts: 6 tackles (5 solo)
Devon Porchia: 5 tackles (3 solo)
EJ Banks: 5 tackles (3 solo), 2 pass breakups
Shakir Soto: 5 tackles (2 solo), 1 fumble recovery
Tyrique Jarrett: 5 tackles (2 solo)
Keegan Buck: 4 tackles (3 solo), 1 fumble recovery, 1 sack (-7 yds)
Emanuel Rackard: 4 tackles (2 solo)
Trenton Coles: 3 tackles (2 solo), 1 fumble recovery
Eric Williams: 3 tackles (2 solo)
Jacob Craig: 3 tackles (3 solo), 1 pass breakup
Jack Lippert: 3 tackles (2 solo), 2 sacks (-6 yds)
Darryl Render: 3 tackles (2 solo), 1 pass breakup
Ethan Brown: 2 tackles (2 solo)
Anthony Gonzalez: 2 tackles (2 solo)
David Durham: 2 tackles (1 solo)
Devin Cook: 2 tackles (2 solo), 2 sacks (-16 yds)
KK Mosley-Smith: 2 tackles
LaQuentin Smith: 2 tackles (1 solo)
K'Waun Williams: 1 tackle (1 solo)
Chris Davis: 1 tackle
Tyrone Ezell: 1 tackle
Ryan Lewis: 1 pass breakup

Brad Lukasak: 42 yds (missed), 3/3 XP
Drake Greer: 42 yds (missed), 2/2 XP

- First, a word on Voytik. Yes, he looked good and I'm sure there will be calls for him to be the starter based on this performance. That said, I'm pretty confident that Savage will be the guy that opens the season against Florida State. Savage got much more first-team work over the course of this spring (including the other scrimmages), and has generally looked to be the better quarterback in practices and in game situations this spring. I guess there's a chance Voytik could completely blow him away over the summer, but I think that's a very remote possibility, especially with Savage knowing he has to dedicate himself this offseason in his final chance at college ball. From a few conversations I've had, the staff just feels more comfortable with Savage running the offense than Voytik at this point. Paul Chryst probably won't name a starter any time soon, but I don't think tonight's game does a ton to change the makeup of the quarterback situation. It's exciting and fun, but one tiny, tiny piece of the bigger picture (and, admittedly, probably even less important than the other scrimmages Pitt had this spring).

- There wasn't a whole lot of action from the front-line guys tonight. For any guys the staff felt they had a good handle on, mostly veterans, they played only a handful of series and gave way to the younger guys (in fact, Savage falls in that group). Guys like Devin Street, Tyrone Ezell, Lafayette Pitts and K'Waun Williams didn't see much action, but I don't think anyone has any question marks on those guys heading into 2013.

- Pitt's first-team defense should be very, very good next year. But beyond that it's a little shaky. This isn't so much just based on last night, but just something that I thought about watching the game. With four regular starters out, the defense looked vulnerable against what is still a very work-in-progress offense. When Pitt has its 11 starters on the field, they can compete against anyone in the ACC. But when the Panthers have to turn to their depth, especially at certain positions like defensive end and cornerback, things might get a little dicey.

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