So what happens today? NFL Draft: Day 2

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

So what happens today?

Tavon Austin was snagged at No. 8 by the St. Louis Rams, who wanted him so bad they traded up to make sure the Jets didn’t get him.

But QB Geno Smith fell right out of the first round, which if we recall, was predicted by several analysts who said that was not out of the question heading into Thursday night.

Now, the big question is who grabs him?

Jacksonville has today’s first pick, 33 overall, and Philadelphia has No. 35, or today’s third pick.

Both have shown fairly significant interest in Smith, but if he slides past those two, it’s anyone’s guess where he ends up. Oakland? NY Jets?

Smith has been knocked around on twitter and various stories and blogs for telling ESPN’s Suzy Kolber that he was headed home late last night after getting passed over in the first round.

But Adam Schefter has now reported he will indeed be at Radio City Music Hall for the second round, so unclear if this was just a logistical issue, like changing hotel and airline reservations for he and his family, or if there was some kind of change of heart.

Either way, he is likely to be picked today and start preparing for his future.

His longtime high school and college receiver Stedman Bailey is also likely to be in play today, but to which team?

Even Bailey, contacted earlier this week, hadn’t a clue: “It’s actually hard to tell because I’ve gotten equal amount of attention from teams that are interested. I’ve reached out to people who’ve been through this process before and asked them ‘Did you end up going to that team?’ A lot of them told me they ended up going to a team they never had contact with. So it’s hard to guess. Anything can happen.”

Then of course there are several other Mountaineers hoping to get picked over the next two days, or sign a free agent deal by the end of the weekend, including: RB Shawne Alston, who you can read about here,  OL Jeff Braun, OLB/S Terence Garvin, C Joe Madsen, and WR J.D. Woods.

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