Geno Smith on why he'll throw at the combine

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

Geno Smith did a fairly long interview with 610Sports in Kansas City last week - on Feb. 13 - touching on multiple subjects leading into the NFL Combine.

Most notably, Smith confirmed news that he will do a full workout at the combine and told host Danny Parkins why he made the decision to do so.

“Honestly it’s just a matter of me getting out and competing and being able to show some coaches what I can do,” said Smith. “It’s only a little bit of who I am as a player but it’s still good to allow them see me throw live action…it’s good to be out there and compete and also just showcase my talents.”

When asked why do a full workouts considering other top quarterbacks have often skipped throwing at the combine, Smith said:

“Obviously I’m aware of that. And it was one of those situations, where I wanted to go and pretty much solidify that and shut everyone up. My agents, coaches, and people that are close to me held me back on that. They can’t hold me back from going out and throwing. That’s one of my strong suits. I believe that if you do well when the lights are on and the combine, is a perfect opp for met to go out and showcase my talents.

“I’m aware other quarterbacks may not have thrown. Those are their decisions…In my case, I made this decision and I told everyone that I’m pretty much tired of all the speculation and I’m ready really to go out there and end all of that.”

To listen to the full interview, click here.


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