Snow in the Bronx tomorrow?

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NEW YORK -- Multiple weather reports have forecasted that New York City may get anywhere from two to four inches of snow on Saturday and that includes the makeshift football field at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

West Virginia Coach Dana Holgorsen and Syracuse Coach Doug Marrone spoke Friday at the final press conference prior to the Pinstripe Bowl and both said they are not overly concerned about the impending weather.

Holgorsen: “I’ve become quite the weatherman lately. There’s two factors that matter. It’s wind and it’s wet. Snow doesn’t bother us much. If the wind’s blowing that makes it miserable.”

Marrone: “For me, the biggest concern at the end of the day, rain has a little bit of  a factor depending on how hard of a downpour it is. But really with the snow the only thing I get concerned about is making sure those officials can see those lines."

Of NOTE(s):

Is West Virginia ready?

The weather forced the Mountaineers to practice in a ballroom in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, but according to Holgorsen his team is prepared for the Orange.

“Had a good three, four days here in New York. Every year when you prepare for a bowl game you get a whole month. You get pretty anxious when it gets toward the end. With all due respect to the Yankees and city of New York we’re ready to play a football game and go home. We’ve got to buckle down and play some ball. Think our guys are ready to do that. I do think we’re prepared both mentally and physically. I look forward to playing a great Syracuse team.”

First timers in NYC

Holgorsen has said multiple times that 75 percent of his team had never been to New York prior to bowl week.

On Friday he said some are loving it, while others – he mentioned Tavon Austin specifically – aren't quite.

“Some of them took it in like this is the greatest thing ever. Tavon, walked three blocks, turned around, said this is not for me and went back to his hotel room and stayed put for a few days. It’s an experience and something they’ll be able to (remember) for a very long time.”


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