Video: Holgorsen press conference and highlights

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

Dana Holgorsen spoke to the media in his weekly press conference today, and talked a lot about the similarities between West Virginia and Oklahoma State.

The Mountaineers head to Stillwater on Friday in preparation for Saturday's game and sounds like he's looking forward to it quite a bit.

A few highlights:

*Consider Holgorsen's answer on what he thinks are the problems of the offense right now. In the middle of one answer he talked about having nine dropped balls against TCU, a problem that stood out and one that hasn't been a major problem before.

Holgorsen: "We have to play together. It’s the same problem defensively. From a call standpoint, we’re playing with nine or 10 a lot and we’re playing with nine of 10 from an effort standpoint now. If you have eight or nine that are playing with tremendous effort and one or two who aren’t, then you’re playing with eight or nine. We have to play better together, and blocking is a huge thing. Trust in the system and trust in people being in the right spots is a big thing. How do we explain nine dropped balls? We haven’t had nine dropped balls all year - that’s just execution. We have to execute, and it’s harder to execute when you play tougher defenses. You have to elevate your game, and that’s coaching; we have to get it out of them. When things get harder, we have to play better."

*He also talked about how the team is moving on from the double overtime loss to TCU on Saturday.

Holgorsen: "It’s a tough loss. It was tough in that locker room after the game, and it was tough to come up here. We got together at 3 p.m. on Sunday and told them we have three more hours to be upset. I don’t know how else you deal with it. We watched the tape and then let them go Sunday. They showed up here today, and it seems like they’re ready to go."

"The biggest thing defensively is building on what we have accomplished. We’ve gotten better defensively. From an operations standpoint, we got better; we were off the field about 80 percent of the time on third down. We created a couple of turnovers, we held them to two yards a rush and there were a lot of positive things that happened defensively. We have to keep improving on that, keep building on that, doing a better job of communicating the calls and lining up to where were not misaligned."

*Update on RB Shawne Alston, who according to Holgorsen, is still not 100 percent. That was apparent of course by his limited playing time and effectiveness on Saturday.

Holgorsen: "Presence was good. Mentality was good. Health was not good. He’s a different guy now than he was the first couple of games. He was more healthy than he was the two weeks prior to that, which is why he suited up. He will continue to rehab and continue to work through it and practice more. It didn’t look the same, and that’s why we didn’t play him much."



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