Shawne Alston status? Unclear still

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

Dana Holgorsen elaborated on the unclear status of running back Shawne Alston on his radio show “Dana Holgorsen Statewide Sportsline” on Thursday night, sounding fairly frustrated at the nature of the injury that has sidelined one of his leaders and the team's best short yardage back.

Holgorsen: “Mentioned earlier he’s about where he has been. The last couple of weeks have been pretty similar. He’s improving. He’s getting better. What that means? I don’t know what that means…

"He’s getting closer, hopefully he can get out there and do it. We are better when he’s out there. He brings a presence we don’t have. An older physical presence we don’t have. “

He also went into a bit more detail about the depth of the injury. He had said two weeks ago that he’s never seen such a bad thigh bruise, but expounded on that a bit on Thursday.

Holgorsen: “No, I’ve learned something from a medical standpoint that I really didn’t care to learn but had to listen to it anyway. It got so deep that it was into the bone. The bone started breaking up. Everybody says “It’s just a little thigh bruise.” It was such a deep, deep tissue (injury), it was so deep it got into the bone.

“What stinks is he’s a senior. We‘ve played seven games and he’s played two of ‘em. His clock’s ticking.”

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