Jagr: 'We need two more' - 06-04-13

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As mercurial and flighty as he can be, there are few people who know the game of hockey quite like Bruins forward Jaromir Jagr. After last night's 6-1 drubbing of the Penguins, he held court with the media:

On the team's depth:

"All four lines are able to score goals and defend. This is our advantage. I’ve never really played on a team where all four lines can play that good. That’s a huge advantage in the playoffs."

On Brad Marchand's second goal:  

"I just took a hit and [Patrice Bergeron] and [Marchand] went on a two-on-two or a two-on-one. [Marchand] had confidence today about his shot. He scored one on the top shelf on the left side so he tried the other side this time. It was a good shot."

On the importance of Marchand's second goal:

"We wanted to finish the shift. So we made sure they didn’t score another goal. It was a very important goal to make it 4-1. It was huge. "

Is there a danger in being complacent with a 2-0 series lead and heading home?

"Of course I’ll tell you we are happy. But we all understand to win the series we need four wins. We’ve all been in this situation. We are all professionals. We know how tough it is it play against Pittsburgh. We all know how explosive of an offense the can be, how many goals they can score. We just have to play the same way."

Any satisfaction in having a 2-0 lead on the Penguins?

"For me personally or for the team? We are happy to have a 2-0 lead. Nobody probably expected anything like that unless it’s guys in this dressing room. Every game you play, you want to win and we were lucky enough to do it. But it’s only two wins. We need two more."

Have you ever played on a team this physical?

"That’s the way the Boston Bruins play. We’ve got a lot of big guys on the team who can play physical, can cycle the puck and be strong on the boards. I don’t mind that at all. It was always my game. Even when I scored more goals, I didn’t my playing on the boards. I like to play physical. I don’t have to hit anybody … but I don’t mind being hit."

Any satisfaction in getting some points after a dry spell?

"I stopped counting a long time ago. I’d rather not score and be still playing than be scoring and be home and already on vacation. It’s a team game. Sometimes you try everything and it doesn’t go in. It’s not the first time it happened to me. Maybe not that long but it happened. That’s why you have to find some other way to help the team."

Did the second goal by Marchand snuff out any life in the Penguins?

"We just concentrate on our game. We know we have to play the way we want to play it. We just have to make sure to play our game. Once you start looking at what the other team is doing, that’s not good thinking. You should always think about yourself first."

On getting an early lead:

"The first goal was important. We had the lead. After [a few minutes] we were up two goals so it’s a huge advantage. You can play your game and play defense. You don’t have to score any more to win the hockey game. On the other side, we know we’re going to have more chances to score because they’re going to have to take a risk."

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