Islanders at Penguins - 03-30-13

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-We will not have a game preview today on account of some unexpected media availability today by new Penguins forward Jarome Iginla. Our apologies.

-Speaking of unexpected, Iginla will be making his debut with the Penguins this afternoon. He will play on the left wing with Evgeni Malkin and James Neal. Iginla has little history of playing on that wing but said he was very open to the possibility of doing so. We suppose having Malkin as your center will make you willing to play any position you're not used to.

-Equally as unexpected is the news that Paul Martin will be sidelined upwards of six weeks due to an "upper-body" injury. Dan Bylsma said Martin "broke the bone" but declined to specify beyond that.

-So... an eventful week for the Penguins gets even more eventful.

-Consider this an educated guess at the Penguins' lines and defensive pairings:

14 Chris Kunitz - 87 Sidney Crosby - 9 Pascal Dupuis
12 Jarome Iginla - 71 Evgeni Malkin - 18 James Neal
10 Brenden Morrow - 16 Brandon Sutter - 24 Matt Cooke
15 Tanner Glass - 46 Joe Vitale - 27 Craig Adams

2 Matt Niskanen - 44 Brooks Orpik
3 Douglas Murray - 4 Mark Eaton
47 Simon Despres - 5 Deryk Engelland

-Cooke on the right side is intriguing. Like Iginla on the left, he has little history of playing on that side but Bylsma suggested Cooke is willing and able.

-With Martin and Kris Letang each injured, it's a huge time for Niskanen to step up. He'll presumably get time on the power play and might even quarterback the thing.

-The thing to remember with lines is that they they change ALLLLLLLL the time for a variety of reasons. And as we've seen with Dan Bylsma this season, he's willing to make a changes.

-We're going to see how good Martin has truely been in his absence. His stellar play this season has been thoroughly undervalued, especially with Letang's multiple absences.

-The Islanders' expected lines and defensive pairings today are:

26 Matt Moulson - 91 John Tavares - 24 Brad Boyes
12 Josh Bailey - 51 Frans Nielsen – 21 Kyle Okposo
40 Michael Grabner – 10 Keith Aucoin - 36 Eric Boulton
17 Matt Martin – 53 Casey Cizikas - 13 Colin McDonald

3 Travis Hamonic - 47 Andrew MacDonald
14 Thomas Hickey – 11 Lubomir Visnovsky
2 Mark Streit - 4 Radek Martinek

-Tomas Vokoun will start again. Marc-Andre Fleury will return as the backup after being scratched Thursday.

-Evgeni Nabokov starts in net for the Islanders.

-The Islanders are without forward David Ullstrom (groin), defenseman Brian Strait (ankle) and forward Jesse Joensuu (sport hernia). Ullstrom and Strait are on injured reserve while Joenssu is suspended by the team for suffering his injury during the lockout.

-The Bruins have a scout at CEC today. Presumably, they want to see what the big deal is about this left winger the Penguins just picked up.

-The Penguins will be wearing their marked up crappy way to make money blue jerseys.

-The Penguins have won 14 consecutive games.

-Iginla meets the press:

-Iginla speaks:

-A sunny day in Iginla's new city:

-The barn:

-The ice:

-The rink:

-Iceburgh is on the cover of a festive IceTime:

-Fans entering the barn:

-Francois Leroux:

-Alex Goligoski:

-Georges Laraque:

-Martin Straka:

-A few Islanders fans are on hand. Evgeni Nabokov:

-John Tavares:

-Former Islanders/Penguins forward Miroslav Satan:

-Another former Islanders/Penguins star, Darius Kasparaitis:

-Jersey Foul of the Day: Gordie Howe:

-A past trade deadline success, Johan Hedberg:

-The greatest trade deadline success, Ron Francis No. 9:

-Some other one-timer Penguins/Flames forwards. Mike Bullard:

-And Gary Roberts:

-Another No. 12, Ryan Malone:

-Jarome Iginla is already popular in Pittsburgh form:


-As well as in Heritage Classic Flames form:

-Jersey of the Day: We have to go with the always rare Greg Millen:

-Warm ups:

-The Penguins' starters are Jarome Iginla, Evgeni Malkin, James Neal, Dougals Murray, Matt Niskanen and Tomas Vokoun.

-Their scratches are Robert Bortuzzo, Dustin Jeffrey and the great Joe Vitale.

-Tyler Kennedy will be bumped to the fourth line. That's somewhat surprising given Vitale and Jeffrey are centers. Adams is capable of playing center but he's more of a right winger.

-The Islander's starters are Matt Martin, Colin McDonald, Frans Nielsen, Travis Hamonic, Andrew MacDonald and Evgeni Nabokov.

-Their scratches are Eric Boulton, Joe Finley and Radek Martinek.

-No Jimerson. No photo of the anthem.


19:41: On his first shift with the Penguins, Iginla gives a clunky pass to Neal in the right circle of the Penguins' zone which Neal can't contain. Iginla thumps Hamonic in the right wing corner while battling fo rthe puck.

19:22: Iginla's first shift comes to an end after 48 seconds with a stoppage in play.

18:40: Brooks Orpik directs a shot/pass from the left point. Pascal Dupuis tries to re-direct it on net but steers it too high over the cage.

18:32: Orpik chops a slapper from the left point. it hits something and catches Crosby in the face. Crosby goes down in a heap on the ice.  Athletic trainer Chris Stewart rushes out to attend to him. Crosby is bleeding slightly from the face. There's a few drops of blood on the ice in the left circle. Crosby eventually recovers to his skates and heads to the bench with a towel on his face. He retreats to the dressing room. As Root Sports pointed out, this was the third time in the past two seasons Crosby has taken a puck to the face against the Islanders.

17:12: Douglas Murray shows why he's here as here. As McDonald races for a puck in the right wing corner, he's "greeted" by the 245-pound Murray's right shoulder and slammed to the boards. McDonald tumbles to the ice.

15:59: Moulson chucks a wrister on net from the left wing. Vokoun punches it out. Tavares puts the rebound back on net immediately from the left of the net. Vokoun saves. There's a scramble for another rebound but Brad Boyes can't get a stick on it.

13:50: Michael Grabner chips a shot on net from the right circle. Vokoun knocks it dead and covers. Before the ensuing faceoff, Iginla appears to be asking Neal and Malkin on where he's supposed to lineup. As it is, Bylsma pulls that line for the third line as he has the last change on home ice.

12:38: Andrew MacDonald whips a wrister on net from the right wing wide, perhaps intentionally on the near side. As it hits off the end boards, Marty Reasoner gets behind Niskanen, recovers the rebound on the left side of the net and tries to jam it on the near side. Vokoun identifies the play, reads it and slides to his right and holds the shot out with his right leg.

12:00: A wrister by Kyle Okposo is steered away by Vokoun.

10:59: The Penguins' first shot of the game is recorded by Deryk Engelland who flings a wrister from the point. Nabokov eats it up.

9:11: Okopos chips a puck into the left wing corner of the Penguins' zone. The speedy Nielsen hustles after it but is cut off by Murray who uses a good angle to block Nielsen from the puck. A nice subtle play like that helps Murray compensate for his lack of speed.

6:34: Martin chugs up the right wing with the puck on a partial two-on-one. He snaps off a wrister which is wid eon the near side.

5:40: From above the left circle, Kennedy chips a puck in deep behind the cage. Cooke races after it with Lubomir Visnovsky. He bumps Visnovsky into the end boards. Morrow comes from the left wing and slams Visnovsky to the ice with a shoulder check. This team's forecheck is scary all of a sudden.

5:33: Engelland rips a wrister from the right point whih his blocked by Josh Bailey.

4:23: Niskanen has a one-timer from the right point blocked by Moulson. Tavares tries to skate the rebound through the neutral zone but is slammed to the ice by a backchekcing Kunitz

3:16: Sutter is centering the first line in place of Crosby. From the right wing, Kunitz deals a pass to the slot for Sutter. Sutter takes the pass on his backhand but fumbles the puck.

2:13: Tanner Glass hammers Mark Streit into the boards at the right point of the Islanders' zone.

2:07: Adams chucks a wrister on net. Nabokov eats it up.

1:52: Nielsen pokes a loose puck on net from the left circle. Vokoun steers it away.

0:40: Thomas Hickey chops a slapper form the right point which is blocked by Cooke's stick. The rebound skids to the right wing corner. Keith Aucoin chases after it but is hooked up by Englland. That's two minutes for hooking. Adams, Sutter, Murray and Orpik take the ice.

0:22: Off a cross ice pass, Boyes leans down an chops a shot on net from the right circle. Vokoun eats it up.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 0, Islanders 0.


-First things first, there is no update on Crosby as of yet. He was limited to 50 seconds of ice time on one shift.

-The Crosby and injuries likely contributed to this, but the Penguins' chemistry seemed all thrown off with all the changes that period. Iginla looked a little stiff on the wing. That said, give that he didn't touch down in Pittsburgh until 12:30 this morning, he looked okay in regards to his skating and physical play.

-Sutter tried to fill in for Crosby on the top line but clearly doesn't have the same chemistry with Dupuis and Kunitz as Crosby. Who could really?

-The defensive pairings looked okay all things considered.

-Iginla had 5:52 of ice time on eight shifts and was credited with two hits.

-Overall, the Islanders dominated that period. They had the majority of shots as well as quality scoring chacnes.

-Tomas Vokoun was pretty sharp. He had to be.

-The Islanders have a 12-5 lead in shots.

-Engelland, Carkner and Grabner each lead the game in shots with two.

-Niskanen leads the game with 7:36 of ice time on eight shifts.

-Visnovsky is right behind him with 7:32 on eight shifts.

-The Islanders have an 11-10 edge in faceoffs (52 percent).

-Nielsen is 3 for 3 (100 percent).

-Sutter is 4 for 8 (50 percent).

-Orpik leads the game with two blocked shots.


20:00: The Islanders will have 1:20 of power-play time on fresh ice. Crosby is on on the bench for the start of the pierod. DUpuis, Adams, Murray and Orpik take the ice.

19:36: Dupuis steals a puck off Streit at the right point of the Penguins' zone and flings it down ice.

19:04: Hamonic has a one-timer from the left point blocked in front.

18:40: As the power play expires, Hamonic settles bouncing puck and chops it on net. It gets blocked in front.

18:30: Engelland gets  a chance with space on the right wing and flings a wrister on net. Nabokov steers it away.

17:29: Malkin battles for a puck in the right circle and is tripped up by MacDonald. That's two minutes for tripling. Malkin, Neal, Dupuis, Niskanen and Kunitz take the ice. Dupuis is on the left point.

17:05: A slapper by Dupuis is turned away.

17:00: Crosby will not return. The only description of his injury was "puck to the mouth."

16:48: The Penguins' power play expires as Kunitz is called for hooking Streit in the right wing corner of the Islanders zone. We'll have four on four for 1:19.

15:50: Malkin races into the offensive zone one-on-one with Hamonic and flings backhander on net from the right circle. Hamonic sticks with him and deflects it out of play with a nice stick on puck.

15:29: The MacDonald minor is killed. the Islanders will have 41 seconds of power play time.

14:48: The Kunitz minor is killed. Back to four on four.

13:48: Kennedy is on with Malkin and Iginla. He circles the entire offensive zone with the puck and

13:10: After some battling down low in the right wing corner, Neal taps a pass from the right of the cage to Iginla all alone on the left. The puck hops up on him a bit and he taps it wide on the near side.

13:00: Iginla barrles through a check behind the net and tries to jam it in down low. Nabokov holds it out.

10:34: Kennedy leave a drop pas for Morrow on the left wing. Morrow snaps off a wrister to the near side. Nabokov steers it away.

10:27: Okposo leads a rush into the offensive zone and taps a pass of th eleft wing boards. xxx hammers the puck on net. Vokoun gloves it to "Voooooooooo...." chants.

9:41: Attendance is announced as 18,673. It is the team's 273rd consecutive sellout.

9:28: The Neal taps a pass to Malkin on the right wing who ends up skating offsides. That's the second time that line has gone offsides today by our count. The chemistry is a bit off. TSN's Darren Dreger has an update on Crosby:

7:26: Grabner circle around over the left circle and snaps off a wrister which is blocked by Adams.

7:17: Glass pushes the puck up the right wing and backhand chips a pass to the slot for Cooke. Cooke races in on net while being hooked by Visnovsky. As he's falling, Cooke is able to sweep a forehand shot on net. Nabokov fights it off as Cooke crashes into the end boards. Visnovsky is sent off for hooking. Malkin, Neal, Kunitz, Niskanen and Dupuis take the ice.

7:11: Dupuis whacks a one-timer from the right point wide to the far side.

6:53: After Kunitz is denied in tight, Dupuis sneaks in on the rebound and his wrister attempt from the slot is blocked by Reasoner's stick.

6:28: After some battles down low, Martin is able to fling a puck from the left wing corner down ice for a clear.

5:45: Kennedy, who some through might be out of a job, is centering a power play with Iginla and Morrow.

5:17: The Visnovsky minor is killed. The Penguins created a few things.

4:44: Orpik backhand chips a puck down ice. That creates a pseudo breakaway for Glass on the left wing. He lifts a wrister from deep on the left wing. Nabokov eats it up.

4:04: Visnovsky recovers a puck in the right circle and snaps if off just wide to the near side.

3:37: Off a tap pass from Dupuis, Kunitz one-touches a shot on net from the left circle. Nabokov steers it to the end boards. Bailey is there for the rebound at the goal line but is slammed into the end boards on a check from the side. He strikes the boards face first and his head jerks back violently. Play is immediately halted. A few of the Islanders engage Kunitz but nothing comes of it. An athletic trainer rushes out out to Bailey. Officials direct Kunitz to the dressing room. He ends up getting a checking from behind major and a game misconduct. Wow. That's a tough call for the officials as it happened so fast. He sent Bailey into the boards hard but from a long distance and appeared to do so from the side. We give the officials a break on the speed of the play but it appear to be the wrong call. The Penguins will have to kill off  a five minute power play. Adams, Dupuis, Orpik and Murray take the ice.

3:13: Streit strikes a one-timer from the right point which hits a stick and deflects to the near side.

3:03: Streit tries to directs pass from the right point into the slot but it hits a stick and deflects wide.

2:33: Cooke steals a puck in deep in the offensive zone and tries to eat it beunid the New York net. He eventually gets a potential scoring chance in tight.

2:23: Okposo gets a little space on the right wing and lifts a wrister on net. Vokoun fight sit off.

1:55: After Glass forces a turnover Niskanen flips a clear down ice.

1:24: Okposo snaps off a wrister which hits something and deflect wide to the far side.

0:32: On a delayed penalty, Tavares jabs a one-timer on net from the left circle. Vokoun knocks it down and covers. Orpik is called for tripping Okposo at the Penguins' blue line. The Penguins will have 1:55 of a five on three to kill. Cooke, Adams and Eaton take the ice.

0:09: Streit tees up a one-timer from above the left circle. Cooke kneels down and flings it down ice for a clear.

0:00: The period ends and Penguins fans offer standing ovation for the effort. Islanders 0, Penguins 0.


-Considering how poorly they've played today and now that two-thirds of their top line (as well and Martin and Letang) is absent.

-The Penguins' penalty kill has been stellar today. Just stellar. It's blocking so many of the Islanders shot and pass attempts.

-Matt Cooke had the period of his life. He had a few scoring chances, drew a penalty which led to a power play for the Penguins and had some huge defensive plays on the penalty kill.

-The Penguins' power play has looked pretty off today and that's understandable given the lineup changes.

-Iginla has 10:51 of ice time on 14 shifts and two shots.

-The Islanders have a 24-18 lead in shots.

-Grabner leads the game with four.

-Engelland leads the Penguins.

-Visnovsky leads the game with 18:06 of ice time.

-Niskanen leads the Penguins with 14:46.

-The Penguins have a 23-18 advantage in faceoffs (56 percent).

-Sutter is 8 for 13 (62 percent).

-Reasoner is 2 for 5 (60 percent).

-Cooke, Orpik, Aucoin and Boyes each lead the game with two blocked shots.


20:00: The Penguins will have 1:23 of a five-on-three power play to kill on fresh ice.  Eaton, dams and Coke take teh ice.

19:26: Boyes slams a one-timer from the left circle. Vokoun fights it off. Eaton recovers the rebound in the left wing conrern and backand it down ice for a clear.

18:48: Tavares has a chance in the right circle but lifts  wrister over the cage.

18:37: As the Orpik minor is killed, Cooke slides down and blocks a pass attempt by Tavares in the slot.

18:32: The Penguins kill off the Kunitz major. Wow. Just wow.

18:00: The Islanders keep the puck int he offensive zone. Hamonic booms a one-timer from the right point. Vokoun eats it up. What a display.

16:35: Neal leads a rush up the right wing, pulls up at the half wall and chips a feed to the net. Malkin is there but the puck is kicked out by Nabokov.

14:36: Sutter pushes the puck up the right wing and appears to get tripped up by Boyes. No call.

13:50: Off a cross-ice pass from Malkin, Neal wires a sizzling wrister on net. Nabokov nabs it with a fancy glove save.
 During a stoppage, Kevin Stevens is shown on the video board along with a few video highlights for the second consecutive game. He received another enthusiastic applause.

12:59: Off a feed from Malkin in the right wing corner, Iginla cracks a one-timer from the right circle wide to the far side.

12:26: HUGE save. Off a bad pass by Niskanen from the left point , Grabner steals the puck at the New York blue line. He pushes it up ice, races in on net all alone and lifts a wrister on net. Vokoun is stead all the way and fights it off wih his blocker. Niskanen owes Vokoun a beer.

11:50: The man who deserve it the most gets the first goal of the game. Off an offensive zone faceoff win in the left circle. Engelland chips a puck on net from the left half wall. It hits a Nabokov's blocker then bounces off Cooke's body. Cooke settles the puck, spins and whips wrister through Nabokov's five hole. After his effort on the penalty kill, Cooke deserved that goal. Kennedy did a great job of winning that faceoff to Englland. Kennedy and Engelland get assists. The "Hey Song" is played. Penguins 1-0.

11:35: Cooke slams Martin into the right corner boards of the New York zone with a hit.

11:20: Adams hammers Martin on the right wing boars of the Islander zone. Martin was chirping with Cooke on the ensuing faceoff after the goal. He's getting his response now.

9:08: The Penguins initiating all kind of contact. Moulson tries to collects a puck ont he right wing boards of the New York zone and he's flattened by Malkin. Ouch.

7:46: Racing for a dump-in, Neal barrels into the right corner boards of the right and knocks over Hamonic with his back. Can Neal be penalized for checking with his behind?

7:42: Off an offensive zone faceoff win, Niskanen has a wrister blocked out of play by Grabner. Grabner is smarting after the block.

6:56: Welcome back James Neal to the scoresheet. After Murray forces a turnover in the defensive zone, Malkin taps it to Neal on the right wing. Neal gallops his way through the neutral zone and gains the offensive zone on the right wing. Streit gives him an acre of ice to work with as Iginla coasts up the left wing. Neal rips a wrister right through the five hole of Nabokov. What a shot. It's Neal's first goal in nine games. Malkin and Murray get assists. It's Murray's first assist with the Penguins. The "Hey Song" is played. Penguins 2-0.

5:03: Moulson attempts a pass on the right wing but has it blocked by Orpik. Orpik thumps him for good measure.

3:22: Hamonic wires a one-timer from the right point. Vokoun eats it up.

2:52: Nabokov is pulled for an extra attacker.

2:41: A loose puck rattles around in the slot. Visnovsky hanmmers it net. Vokoun kicks it out.

2:36: The puck is rolling in the slot again. Moulson whacks it on net while falling. Vokoun smothers it. The Islanders call a timeout to get organized.

1:59: After a turnover by Hamonic in his own end, Neal flings a wrister from the left wall at the open cage but has it blocked.

1:21: Hamonic chops a slapper from the right point. It hits a body or two and ends up on the stick of Tavares in the left circle. Tavares has a wide open net but hesitates to pull the trigger and lifts a late wrister which hits off the side of the cage. There's a battle for the puck which is eventually covered and play is halted.

0:29: MacDonald hammers a slapper from the above the left cirle. Adams slides to to block it. Aucoin recovers the rebound on left wing and whacks it wide.

0:00: End of game. Penguins 2, Islanders 0.


-First things first, Dan Byslma said Crosby either had or will undergo oral surgery today. Beyond revealing Crosby lost some teeth, Bylsma offered few other details on his ailment.

-Islanders coach Jack Capuano declined to discuss the nature of Josh Bailey's ailment but offered: "I saw the hit. I’m not going to comment on the hit. Fortunately he’s okay. I guess some of the results came back but obviously he’s stiff."

-Uh ... the Pittsburgh Penguins have won 15 consecutive games. They went 15-0-0 in March. And the just passed Jarome Iginla.

-How can one process any of that? These are surreal times.

-Try to comprehend everything that happened today. First, Jarome Iginla got in from Caglary by way of Chicago at 12:30 a.m. He then made his Penguins debut on a line a former Hart Trophy winner (Evgeni Malkin) and a former all-star (James Neal). That was joined by the news that Paul Martin would be out six weeks due to an "upper-body" injury. THEN ... they lost the presumed MVP for this season to an ugly facial injury which requires surgery. THENNNN ... they lose a 20 goal scorer to a questionable penalty. THENNNNNNNNNN ... they kill off a five-on-three for nearly two minutes. THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ..... they get a third consecutive shutout for the first time in franchise history.

-That's all.

-We've seen some pretty special things from this team while attending games as a journalist and as a fan but this is in another level of the atmosphere.

-Despite all the offensive skill this team has, the driving force behind this surge has been team defense. EVERYONE is buying in. The defensemen are clogging up shooting and passing lanes. The forwards are playing every inch of the ice. This team's defense has been stellar the past month or so.

-Matt Cooke had an amazing game. He blocked a bucket-full of shots on the penalty kill, threw his body around, created a few things offensively and came away with the game-winning goal. And he did it while playing a bunch on the right wing, a position somewhat foreign to him. What an effort.

-Remember how the Penguins were supposed trade Tomas Vokoun when he had that rough stretch of of games a few weeks back? He's now the first goaltender in franchise history with back-to-to back individual shutouts and he now owns the franchise record for longest shutout sequence at 162:42.

-Vokoun was stellar once again today. He came up with another big breakaway save in the third period to no only preserve the tie but the lead. The guy is just tuned in right now. Dan Bylsma has to keep riding the hot hand regardless of Fleury's health.

-Don't misconstrue that as an endorsement of Vokoun for being the No. 1 guy. This is Fleury's gig. But you ride Vokoun as long as he's in this groove.

-If you didn't see the Crosby injury, here you go:


-Iginla made his debut. He had 17:30 of ice time on 20 shifts and three shifts. He seemed a little lost at first and that's understandable given the circumstance. As the game wore on, he seemed a little more comfortable with Malkin and Neal and they had some chemistry. His presence on the left wing gave Neal some space to score the second goal.

-Neal broke a nine-game goalless streak. Think he missed Malkin?

-Mark Eaton. What a story he is. He was out of work. He wasn't even wanted by the Islanders who had to fill their blue line with waiver wire acquisitions before the start of the season. Eaton gets a tryout at the AHL level and turns that into a look by the Penguins at the NHL. A month later, he's a vital part of this team's rise.

-We stated this after Thursday's game. We're not sure how much he has to do with it but the team's peanlty kill has been 30-for-35 (85.7 %) with Eaton in the lineup. Without him, it's 35-for-54 (64.8 %).

-Douglas Murray was solid once again. He didn't stand out quite as much on offense as he did Thursday but he had some subtle plays on defense which showed of how crafty he is. At 245 pounds, he's not going to outrace anyone for the puck. But he knows how to position himself in anticipation of the play.

-Deryk Engelland was pressed into service with Paul Martin injured and he had a strong effort. On offense, he was pretty willing to put the puck on net. Defensively, he was responsible in his own end.

-Tyler Kennedy was pressed into some center duties and filled in admirably. He won the faceoff which led to Cooke's goal. He showed some cohesion with the likes of Neal, Malkin and Iginla at times. The Penguins needed something extra from everyone today and Kennedy gave them something.

-Evgeni Nabokov had a good game but let in two leaky goals. That was the difference.

-The Islanders top line, which is one of the better lines in the NHL, was nearly a non-factor today in five-on-five play.

Iginla became the 21st player to wear No. 12 for the Penguins. Previous No. 12s include:

Ken Schinkel
Blaine Stoughton
Kelly Pratt
Greg Malone
Mitch Lamoureux
Dean DeFazio
Tom O’Regan
Tom Roulston
Bob Errey
Larry Depalma
Troy Murray
Chris Wells
Sean Pronger
Martin Sonnenberg
Billy Tibbetts
Michal Sivek
Ryan Malone
Chris Bourque
Brett Sterling
Richard Park

-The Islanders led in shots, 35-27.

-Neal and Michael Grabner each led the game with five.

-Visnovsky led the game with 27:43 of ice time.

-Orpik led the game with 22:19.

-The Penguins controlled faceoffs, 39-22 (64 percent).

-Sutter was 16 for 21 (76 percent).

-Kyle Okposo was 4 for 7 (57 percent).

-Brooks Oprik led the game with four blocked shots.

-Hamonic led the Islanders with three.

-The Penguins have now tied the second-longest winning streak in NHL history at 15. The 1981-82 Islanders, arguably one of the greatest teams in NHL history, set that mark. Next up is the 1992-93 Penguins' mark with 17.

-The Penguins also tied a franchise record with 12 consecutive wins.

-Evgeni Malkin now has 553 career points, two short of tying Kevin Stevens (555) for for seventh-most in franchise history.

-Neal moved past Orpik for 69th place on the franchise's all-time scoring list. Both players have 119 points but Neal (59) has more goals than Orpik (11).

-Orpik tied Ron Stackhouse for fifth most overall - and most among defenseman - on the all-time games played roster with 621.

-Vokoun tied Dave Kerr (Maroons, Americans, Rangers) for third most shutouts by a right-handed goalie in NHL history (51).

-Game summary.

-Event summary.



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