Penguins at Maple Leafs - 03-09-13

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-Greetings on the last day of daylight savings time. Or is tomorrow the first day of daylight savings time. Either way, the days get longer starting tomorrow. The sun will be up when hockey games start more often.

-If you didnt' see it, we graded the Penguins' players on a player-by-player basis at the halfway mark of the season. Click here to read it.

-The Penguins face a team which exposed their weakness to speed back in January. The Maple Leafs have three strong lines which can skate. We saw the Flyers' depth give them issues on Thursday. Can they account for Toronto's speed tonight?

-Marc-Andre Fleury returns to net after being pulled following the first period of Thursday's game. We have no reason to believe he can't rebound but he certainly needs a bounce-back game for many reasons tonight.

-Can Beau Bennett maintain the strong play all over the ice he displayed Thursday? He looked like Pavel Datsyuk at times Thursday. He was a big part of the success the second line experienced Thursday.

-Clarke MacArthur always tears up the Penguins. He always finds a way to contribute something from near the cage.

-Something tells us Deryk Engelland and Colton Orr will cross paths tonight. They have a long history which pre-dates their NHL careers.

-Simon Despres returns to the lineup in place of Mark Eaton. Eaton has played adequately in his return but it would be a stretch to say he's been a difference maker. Perhaps playing against a team with as much skill and speed as the Maple Leafs possess has prompted the coaching staff to bring back Despres. Regardless, the team is 13-2 with him and 3-4 without him.

-The Penguins' starters are Sidney Crosby, Pascal Dupuis, Chris Kunitz, Paul Martin, Brooks Orpik and Marc-Andre Fleury.

-Their scratches are Robert Bortuzzo, Mark Eaton and the great Joe Vitale.

-The Maple Leafs' starters are Tyler Bozak, Phil Kessel, James van Riemsdyk, Korbinian Holzer, Dion Phaneuf and James Reimer.

-Their scratches are Mike Komisarek, John-Michael Liles and David Steckel.

-Normal, clean renditions of the national anthems are offered. That did not happen two years ago when these teams met:


19:24: A lucky bounce leads to an early lead. Off an offensive zone faceoff win, Matt Niskanen hammers aone-timer from the right point. It hits the stick of a challenging Kessel. The puck slides right to Neal in the slot who turns and whacks a one-time on net through traffic. It beats Reimer who had no clue where the puck was. What a fortunate bounce. Niskanen and Letang get assists. Penguins 1-0.

 16:55: After Dustin Jeffrey forces Michael Kostka into a turnover in the right circle of the Toronto zone, Orpik takes the puck at the left point and pumps a wrister on net. Reimer eats it up. Tanner Glass and Craig Adams contributed to that turnover with a strong effort in the right wing corner.

16:45: Gliding into the offensive zone on the left wing, van Riemsdyk used Letang as a screen and snaps off a wrister which Fleury eats up.

16:00: If you didn't see Hockey Night Canada's tribute to Stompin' Tom Connors and "The Hockey Song," here you go:

15:19: Neal controls a puck in the right wing corner and deals a pass to Bennett moving up the slot. Bennett chops the puck on net. Reimer holds it out with his left leg as Carl Gunnarsson thumps Bennett to the ice. Benett continues to be willing to pay the price.

14:30: Off an offensive zone faceoff win, Niskanen slams a one-timer from the left point wide on the near side.

14:24: Crosby and Dupuis each have chances in tight but can't gets a clean shot off.

12:58: On a delayed penalty, Kostka chops a slapper from the left point. Fleury kicks it out. Bennett is nabbed for high sticking Leo Komarov behind the Penguins' cage. Toronto gets the first power play of the night. Neal heads to the dressing room for an equipment issue according to Root Sports broadcaster Bob Errey. Martin, Orpik Glass and Adams take the ice

12:46: That didn't take long. Kessel takes a pass on the left half wall. As Martin challenges, Kessel snaps off a shot/pass towards the cage, van Riemsdyk, who has matured into one of the best net-front presences in the NHL, is all alone above the blue paint and re-direct the puck behind Fleury. Tie game. We're not sure if Martin was responsible for van Riemsdyk or Orpik was, but that's inexcusable. You can't leave any player, let alone one that strong in front of the cage all alone. Kessel ends up getting credit for the goal while van Riemsdyk and Phaneuf get assists. Maple Leafs 1, Penguins 1.

-Really, "The Harlem Shake?"

11:50: Off a drop pass from Letang, Dupuis chops a shot on net from the left circle. Reimer kicks it out.

11:04: Holzer is nabbed for holding Dupuis' stick to the left of the net. The Penguins get their own power play. Malkin, Letang,  Martin, Crosby and Neal take the ice. No Kunitz on this unit? Okay.

9:55: Crosby whacks a puck on net from the left circle. Reimer fights it off.

9:43: Kostka wins a battle with Kunitz in the left wing corner of the Toronto zone but flips the puck out of play. That's two minutes for delay of game. The Penguins will have a five-on-three power play for 39 seconds. Crosby, Neal, Malki, Letang and Kunitz tke hte ice.

9:21: Malkin deals a pass form center point to Neal in the right circle. Neal drops the hammer on a one-time which Reimer denies. Kunitz swipes the rebound over the cage with a backhander.

9:04: The Holzer minor is killed. The Penguins still have 1:21 of a five-on-four.

7:47: Sutter snaps off a wrister from the left circle. Gunnarsson blocks it with a stick on puck.

7:43: The Kostka minor expires. The Penguins only recorded two official shots on net with all that power play time. Inexcusable.

5:29: A rambling, disorganized rush into the offensive zone leads to another Penguins goal. Letang flies with the puck into the offensive zone zone and lifts a wrister on net from above the left circle. As Bennett drive to the net, Letang recovers the puck to the right of the cage and tries to bank it off the side of Reimer and into the cage. The puck ends up glancing off the left post and bounces to Crosby in the left circle. Crosby settles the puck and guns it into the wide open cage. Letang and Bennett get assists. Penguins 2-1.

4:39: Another dirty goal. Martin takes a pass from Malkin on the left half wall. Martin grisp and rips a wrister to the far side. Reimer kicks the puck out with his right leg. There's a juicy rebound above the blue paint for Bennett. It appeas Gunnarsson ended up tapping the puck into his own cage. As aptly pointed out by Errey, Martin probably was hoping for a rebound to set up a teammate. A smart play all around. Bennett gets credite for the goal and has a two-point night (for now). Martin and Malkin get assists. Penguins 3-1.

3:42: Mark Fraser chops a slapper from the left point. It hits a stick and bounces in on net where Fleury covers.

3:04: Dupuis ties to jam in a puck from the left side of the net. No dice.

1:34: Despes ducks a check from Kadri near the right wing corner of the Penguins' zone. He plays the puck up ice and limps slightly to the Penguins' bench. On replays, it looks like they may have clipped knees.

0:49: Kessel zips up the right wing and tries to do an inside-out move at the Penguins blue line but is stripped of the puck by Kennedy.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 3, Maple Leafs 1.


-That was a strong but hardly perfect period for the Penguins. They maintained the bulk of puck possession in the offensive zone, kept pace with the Maple Leafs' skating, limited the clean looks Toronto had the net and had several quality scoring chances.

-The only minus to that period was special teams. The Penguins were torched by another goal in tight on their penalty kill and mostly ineffective on their own extended power play.

-Beau Bennett continues to answer the biggest question about him in regards to physical play. He looks more and more confident in the high traffic areas. He has also given some stability to that line which hasn't been present most of the season.

-It would be a stretch to say Fleury was tested a great deal. He didn't have a hope on the Maple Leafs' goal, which has been credited to van Riemsdyk.

-The biggest obstacle the Penguins face now is getting complacent with this lead. It wouldnt' be the first time they've surrendered a two-goal lead.

-The Penguins have a 13-5 lead in shots.

-Bennett leads the game with three shots.

-van Riemsdyk leads the Maple Leafs with two.

-Letang leads the game with 9:32 of ice time.

-Gunnasson leads the Maple Leafs with 7:58.

-The Penguins lead in faceoffs, 12-9 (57 percent).

-Crosby is 7 for 10 (70 percent).

-Jay McClement is 4 for 5 (80 percent).

-Holzer leads the game with three blocked shots.

-None of the Penguins has recorded a blocked shot.


19:21: Martin chops a slapper from the right point wide to the near side.

19:11: Orpik tees up a slapper from the left point. Reimer eats it up.

18:43: Circling out from behind the cage, Neal guns a shot from the right circle. Reimer punches the rebound to the opposite boards. Bennett get to it first and deals to Neal in the slot. Neal chucks a soft wrister on net. Reimer says no.

18:26: Bennett blocks a slapper from the left poitn by Fraser.

18:10: Cody Franson chops a one-timer from the right point. Fleury punches it away.

17:56: Fraser chops another slapper from the left point which hits a stick and deflects wide.

17:22: Despres recoves a puck behind his own net and shields it from two forecheckers, Matt Frattin and MacArthur. He pulls away from them and chips it up to Jeffrey on the left wing boards. Jeffrey is able to chip the puck up to the neutral zone to get a line change. Tremendous subtle play by Despres to get the puck out of danger.

17:15: Despres steps up and knocks Nazem Kadri off a puck at the left point of the Penguins' zone.

15:15: Kessel hustles up ice, gains the offensive zone at center point, splits between Letang and Niskanen, veers towards the right wing and snaps off a wrister. Letang leans down and partially blocks the shot but Fleury is still forced to make a save.

13:54: After an icing call, Dan Byslma calls a time-out to give his players a breather with the faceoff in their own zone.

13:30: Off a rush by Kunitz on the left wing, Despres takes a pass in the slot and whacks a one-timer on net. Reimer kicks it out.

12:54: Crosby takes a pass on the left wing and lifts a wrister on net. It hits off the cross bar and deflects over the cage.

12:37: Nikolai Kulemin gains the offensive zone on the right wing and leaves a drop pass for Mikhail Grabovski trainling. As Kulemin drives to the cage with Orpik and Martin, Grabovski rips a wrister which Fleury punches it away. That was probably Fleury's toughest save of the night.

11:48: Malkin takes a pass in the neutral zone, gains the Toronto blue line and challenges the Maple Leafs one-on-four. He veers to the right wing and whips a backhander on net. Reimer holds it out.

11:27: Kostka chucks a wrister on net from the left point. Fleury fights it off. There's a battle for the rebound and Bennett is able to lay it out of danger.

10:52: From the right point, Holzer jabs a shot on net from the right point. Fleury hugs it against his body and freezes play. Toronto is starting to generate some offensive chances.

10:43: A chance by McClement int the slot is deflected out of play on a stick on puck by Orpik.

10:27: Grabovski hustles up the right wing against Orpik and jabs a shot at the cage. Orpik appears to deflect it wide.

10:05: After Crosby turns the puck over on the left wing of the Toronto zone, he trips up Kadri along the wall. Kadri went down a tad too easily. Crosby heads to the penalty box for tripping, Cooke, Sutter, Orpik and Letang take the ice.

9:54: Kessel rips a wrister from the left circle wide of the cage.

9:48: Another power play goal. Franson takes the puck at the left point. As Sutter slides down to block. Franson lifts a quick slapper which sails over the right shoulder of Fleury and hits twine. van Riemsdyk had a tremendous screen on Fleury who had no clue where that puck was. That goal came from the perimeter but the Penguins' in ability to control the area around their crease played a major role in that score. Kessel and Phaneuf get assists. Penguins 3-2.

9:07: Kostka chucks a wrister from the right point. van Riemsdyk is once again in front and re-directs the puck juuuuuust wide. van Riemsdyk has pretty much won salvaging rights to the Penguins' crease.

8:56: Kessel takes a pass in the right circle and has a clean look at the cage. He fires a heavy wrister which Fleury stretches out to his left to fight off with his glove hand. Before Kessel can get a stick on the rebound, Fleury whacks it away with his stick.

6:59: The Penguins get it back. Dupuis takes a pass on the right wing down low and pushes a bakchander into the crease. He recovers the rebound, flip it to his forehand and banks it off the skate of Fraser and into the cage. An ugly goal but the Penguins will take it. Martin and Orpik get assists. Penguins 4-2.

5:59: And we're off. Another run and gun game. MacArthur pushes the puck up the left wing and with little pressure from the Penguins, he uses Niskanen as a screen and snaps off a wrister to the far side toasting Fleury's glove hand. He's a Penguin killer. MacArthur now has points in eight consecutive games against the Penguins. Phanuef and Frattin get assists. Penguins 4-3.

4:45: Playing with Jeffrey and Adams, Bennett gets a chance. With Jeffrey driving to the cage, Adams deals a pass to Bennett on the left wing. Bennett flips a backhander on net. Reimer slides to his right and holds it out.

3:37: The Penguins get another power play as Gunnarsson slashed Malkin's stick in half. Malkin, Crosby, Neal, Letang and Kunitz take the ice.

3:17: Letang chips a puck from the left wing corner over the net.

3:05: Malkin snaps off a wrister from the slot which McClement blocks.

2:47: Letang takes a pass int he right circle and snaps off a wrister which is off the mark.

1:51: Letang snaps off a wrister from above the right circle which Fraser blocks.

1:41: Crosby tries to james in a wrister from  the left of the cage. Reimer holds it out.

1:37: The Gunnarsson minor is killed. The Penguins did not record an official shot on net with that chance.

0:14: Taking a pass from Sutter at the right point, Niskanen booms a slapper which Gunnarsson blocks. The puck rolls in on net and Reimer covers to freeze play. Gunnarsson is hobbling a bit.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 4, Maple Leafs 3.


-That was not a good period for the Penguins. About mid-way through it, they started to allow the Maple Leafs to maintain some offensive zone possession. Toronto was able to generate some quality scoring chances and narrowed the lead. If not for a leaky goal allowed by Reimer, this is a tie game.

-Special teammates continue to hurt the Penguins. They have as many power play shots as the Maple Leafs have power-play goals.

-Another thing which continues to hurt the Penguins is their play in their own zone. They are having trouble around their own crease and they gave MacArthur FAR too much time and space to work with on his goal.

-The Penguins lead in shots, 25-16.

-Bennett and Dupuis each lead the game with five shots.

-Kessel leads the Maple Leafs with four shots.

-Letang leads the game with 18:24 of ice time.

-Phaneuf leads the Maple Leafs with 15:50.

-The Maple Leafs have a 23-19 lead in faceoffs (55 percent).

-McClement is 5 for 6 (83 percent).

-Crosby is 10 for 18 (56 percent).

-Holzer leads the game with four blocked shots.

-Orpik leads the Penguins with two.


19:18: A puck bounces to Niskanen at the left point. It hops on his and he partially fans on the shot. The puck rattles around in the slot where Kunitz spins and whips it wide to the left side of the cage.

18:25: After some strong work by Malkin the left wing corner, Martin smacks a pass from center point to the right circle. Neal is positioned there and hammers a one-timer. Reimer reads the play all the way and eats up the puck.

17:50: Off a rush into the offensive zone, Frattin has a wrister in the slot blocked by Engelland.

17:25: Engelland chucks a wrister from the left point, Despite a screen by a few bodies including Glass, Reimer is able to knock it dead and covers.

15:55: Phaneuf pushes the puck up the right wing and snaps off a wrister which Niskanen blocks.

15:24: Chipping a puck from the right wing to the slot, Bennett deals a feed to Malkin. Malkin gets behind Kostka and whacks the puck on net. Reimer reads the play and kicks it out. Nice play by Bennett.

14:51: Neal has a shot from the right circle blocked out of play by van Riemsdyk.

13:34: Martin drives a slapper from the right point. Reimer squeezes the puck between his pads and freezes play.

13:10: Kadri is called for delay of game as he chucked the puck out of play. Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kunitz and Letang take the ice.

12:57: Letang controls the puck from center point and deals a pass to Malkin in the right circle. Malkin hammers a one-timer which strikes Gunnarsson on the right hip. Gunnarsson crumples to the ice in discomfort on top of hte puck. Play is halted as he takes a few moments to gather himself. He eventually returns to his skates. He's played a gusty game tonight.

12:03: After some perimeter passing, Letang swipes a wrister from the left circle which Reimer fights off.

11:32: Letang drives a half slapper from the ceter point. Reimer eats it up.

11:02: The Kadri minor is killed. Kulemin races into the offensive zone and lifts a wrister from the slot over the cage.

10:16: After an icing call, the Maple Leafs win a faceoff in the right circle of the Penguins' zone. Kessel snaps off a wrister from the circle. Fleury fights it off.

10:10: HUGE play. Kostka chucks a wrister from the right point. It hits a cluster of bodies in front. As Fleury slides out of position, the puck sits in the blue paint all alone. van Riemsdyk is right there for the easy goal but Sutter is able poke the puck out of dagner.  What a defensive play.

9:08: Kulemin races into the offensive zone at center point and challenges Orpik and Engelland one-on-two. The Penguins' defensemen gather together and knocks Kulemin off the puck.

8:50: Franson drives a slapper from the right point. Glass leads to block it.

8:47: A big moment here as Orpik is called for interference against Grabovski on the boards near the right corner of the Penguins' zone. The Maple Leafs have generated a ton of momentum the last few shifts. Crosby, Adams, Martin and Letang take the ice. This is a big kill for the penguins and they're without their most phsyical defenseman.

8:23: A puck slides to Franson in the left circle. Franson has a clean look at the net and chops a slapper on net. Fleury challenges heavily and kicks the puck to the near corner.

7:45: Cooke steals a puck off a sloppy play by Reimer behind his own cage. Cooke fends off Franson and deals a pass to Despres at center point. Despres drives a slapper on net. Reimer gloves it and freezes play.

6:47: The Orpik minor is killed. That was huge for the Penguins. THey didn't allow much to the Maple Leafs.

5:52: Kunitz pushes the puck up the right wing while fending off Komarov and slides a backhander on net. Reimer fights it off.

5:24: Bozak snaps off a wrister from the left wing. Engelland blocks it.

5:17: Malkin sis slammed into the boards in front of the penalty boxes by van Riemsdyk. Malkin slakte to the bench in a sluggish fashion.

4:20: Tie game. Fraser snaps off a wrister from the left point. It hits Martin in the back side and bounces loose to Kessel in the right circle. Kessel is able to settle the puck and lift si over the glove han do Fleury slideing to his left. A nice dirty goal. Fraser and MacArthur get assists. Maple Leafs 4, Penguins 4.

3:51: Crosby pushes the puck up the left wing, gets a step on Phaneuf and flings a backhander on net. Franson slides down to block the shot but ends up upending Crosby into the boards. Crosby jumps to avoid the hit but crashes into the boards awkwardly. He loses his lid and heads to the bench. He appears fine.

2:51: Kostka fires a shot from the left point. COoke blocks it.

2:30: Malkin is back on the ice.

1:58: MacArthur settles a puck on the left half wall and chucks it on net. Kadri is in front of the blue paint and re-directs it on net. Fleury fights it off.

1:16: Dupuis takes a pass from Kunitz above the left circle and blasts a one-timer on net. Reimer eats it up.

0:58: Crosby trips up Reimer behind the Toronto net. No call.

0:00: End of period. Maple Leafs 4, Penguins 4.


-The Penguins have a 38-28 lead in shots.


4:38: Kulemin spins off a check from Letang and whips a wrister on net form the left circle. Fleury holds it out.

4:11: Grabovski skates the puck out of his zone and is tripped up by Neal. No call.

3:33: Kostka drives a shot form the right point

3:27: Gunarsson snaps off a wrister from above the left circle. Fleury stears it away.

3:10: Neal pushes the puck up the left wing and snaps off a wrister which

2:41: Off a steal,  Kennedy drives a slapper from the right wing. Reimer punches it away. Dupuis jumps on the rebound and plays it into Reimer who is scrambling outside his crease.

2:18: Kulemin chips a wrister from the left wing on net.

2:04: Orpik takes a pass above the left circle, but to the slot and lifts a backhander on on et from

1:47: Engelland slams Grabovski into the boards in the left wing corner of the Penguins' zone.

1:18: Phaneuf has a chacne in the left circle but Sutter sticks with him and deflects the shot with a stick on puck.

0:58: MacArthur has a wrister from the left circle bloked by Letang.

0:43: The Maple Leafs are in complete controls of the puck. Gunarrsson rips a wrister from center point wide to the left of the cage.

0:30: Off a give and go with Letang, Crosby strikes a quick shot form the right of the cage but Reimer kicks it out. Huge save.

0:00: End of period. Maple Leafs 4, Penguins 4.


-Malkin did not play in the overtime period.

-The Penguins were lucky to get this to a shootout.


-Bozak is up first. He weave his way on net down the slot and snaps off a wrister. Fleury fights it off with his glove hand.

-Neal gets the call for the penguins. He races in on with a lot of speed, attacks the net and snaps a wrister through Reimer's five hole. Penguins 1-0.

-Kadri will try to tie it. He moves in with speed, games up Fleury a little bit with a few dekes and is goes with a forehand shot. Fleury sticks with it and holds out the puck with his right skate.

-Crosby can win it. He moves past the blue line, veers slightly to the left and approaches the net. He lifts a wrister which whistles by the glove hand of Reimer.  End of shootout. Penguins 2, Maple Leafs 0. End of game. Penguins 5, Maple Leafs 4.


-Two points are two points but this was a hardly one for the Penguins to brag about. It's difficult to imagine them feeling proud of this game. A lot of deficiencies in their game were exposed tonight. Again, they got two points on the road against a strong team but this was not a "good" win if that makes sense.

-That said, what a fun, wild game. There was so much back and forth play, momentum swings and just plain, good, old, fashioned entertainment.

-Perhaps the biggest reason for concern is the well being of Evgeni Malkin. He did not play the final 7:20 of regulation or overtime.

-An update on Malkin:

-As well as the Penguins' defense played in the final period against the Flyers Thursday, it was leaky as all heck the final 15 minutes tonight against the Maple Leafs. Granted, the Maple Leafs have a ton of speed and depth up front but no one is confusing them with the 1984-85 Oilers. They had far too much time and space to operate with, particularly in the third period.

-Special teams were a killer for the Penguins. While they did shut things down on the third Toronto power play, they let the Maple Leafs get two very easy scores on their first two chances. And the Penguins were completely ineffective on their first three chances. They had a chance to put this game out of reach in the third period but failed to score. The Maple Leafs fed off that and generated momentum which led to them tying the game.

-Play around the net continues to be an issue for the Penguins. You can't really just barge someone out of a net-front position with the newer interference rule these days, but we have a hard time thinking of many teams which have issues around their cage quite like the Penguins. We're not sure what the solution to this problem is but it's definitely a big problem.

-Other than the Clarke MacArthur goal, it's hard to blame Fleury for any of this. The Maple Leafs' two power play goals came with James van Riemsdyk drilling for oil in front of the the crease and the game-tying score by Kessel came off a fluky hop. He played strong, especially late.

James -Reimer was up and down and allowed a few leaky goals but kept the Penguins at bay in the early stages of the third period. He allowed his team to comeback an earn a point in this game.

-After a rough night in Philadelphia, we liked what Engelland brought tonight. He blocked a few shots and prevented a few passes while offering a physical presence in limited time. He needed a rebound game.

-Beau Bennett continues to prove he belongs. It's not so much the skill level he has shown which has impressed us. That part of his game was expected. It's his willingness to go to the high traffic areas which has stood out the most. His physical play was and still remains a question mark but he's answered every question in that area thus far.

-Sidney Crosby. He's good. What else can you really say about him? Not only is she scoring points but he's playing every inch of the ice. He doesn't get a ton of penalty kill time, but he's starting to get a fair amount of time in that area as well. It's hard to imagine a more complete player in the NHL right now.

-MacArthur continues to rip the Penguins up. He has points in eight consecutive games against the Penguins and now has 23 points (nine goals, 12 assists) in 23 career games against the Penguins.

-Paul Martin was given credit for the Penguins' third goal instead of Bennett.

-The Penguins led in shots, 41-28.

-James Neal leads the game with seven shots.

-Phil Kessel led the Maple Leafs with five.

-Letang led the game with an impressive 30:23 of ice time.

-Dion Phaneuf led the Maple Leafs with 28:50.

-The Maple Leafs dominated faceoffs, 38-25 (60 percent).

-Tyler Bozak was 16 for 30 (53 percent).

-Crosby was 14 for 29 (48 percent).

-Korbinian Holzer led the game with five blocked shots.

-Deryk Engellland and Matt Niskanen each led the game with three blocked shots.

-The Penguins participated in and won a shootout for only the second time this season. They normally are involved in lot more shootouts.

-Chris Kunitz had a five-game goal scoring streak and a seven-game point scoring streak snapped.

-Crosby extended a point scoring streak to seven games.

-Malkin now has 551 career points, four short of tying Kevin Stevens (555) for 7th-most in franchise history.

-James Neal (112 points) passed up Shawn McEachern (112) and Mario Faubert (111) for 73rd-most points. Neal (57) has more goals than McEachern (53).

-Fleury tied former teammate Jocelyn Thibault for 51st most goaltending wins in NHL history. Fleury is two behind Bill Randford for 50th most.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.


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