Greentree notes: Week 2

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

Caught Game 1 at Greentree tonight where an old Duke and a new Duke led the opening game in scoring.

Ovie Soko put up 15 points.

Not to be outdone…Eric Evans put up 15 of his own, including three 3-pointers, filling in as part of Oliveros Peppers.

Evans, whose eligibility ended this year, is currently working out on campus and awaiting the start of a summer class in July he needs to take to complete his degree.

“It’s weird. I remember coming in as a freshman and now these guys are freshman,” said Evans. “I think they’re going to be good.”

During that time he’s gotten to see Coach Jim Ferry run a few practices – new NCAA rules allow two hours of on-court instruction per week during the summer.

“It looked real intense,” said Evans. “There’s a section for bigs, the guards. It looked different.”

And on the court, Evans said he's been impressed with the new class of players.

On PG Derrick Colter: “I like his game a lot, he’s quick. Real quick.”

Colter looked downright human this week with just nine points, and had three or four shots just not fall on drives to the hoop.

“It’s all good, just one of those nights,” said Colter. “I’ll be back.”

Both Colter and Soko said workouts have been intense under Ferry this summer.

“Everything is fast paced and on the move. You get 30 seconds break. It’s great. It’s getting better," said Colter.

Soko: “It’s definitely intense and the direction we need to be going.”


Scoring from Game 1

Eric Evans: 15 points

Derrick Colter: 9 points

Eric Evans: 15 points

Martins Abele: 4 points

Marvin Binney: 6 points

Ovie Soko: 15 points

Jeremiah Jones: 6 points

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