Everhart sees a Top-25 team in Saint Louis

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

Just how good is Saint Louis?

They’ve won eight of their last nine, locked at least the No. 2 spot in the A- 10 standings, and according to Duquesne Coach Ron Everhart should be a nationally ranked team.

“I think they’ve been basically screwed all year in terms of the Top-25,” said Everhart. “And honestly I think they have been all year. They’ve never really deviated far from that path. Their power ranking or RPI would indicate they are a Top-25 team and for whatever reason they haven’t gotten the votes to get into the national polls. It’s a sad thing.”


Saint Louis beat Duquesne 68-41 back on Jan. 21.

The two teams meet at noon on Saturday to close the regular season for both.

The Dukes need to beat Saint Louis and hope for Massachusetts to lose to Rhode Island to earn the No. 8 seed and host a game. Anything short of that and Duquesne will be the No. 9 seed and head on the road to open the playoffs on Tuesday.

Everhart: “We have to use tomorrow, win or lose, to help prepare us for that game. That game becomes the most important of the year. Obviously this is a regular season game, but both of us know what we’re doing on Tuesday."

“I think both of us are probably going to look at maybe even experimenting to some degree how to best prepare our team for the following game.”




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