Playoff scenarios

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After last night’s games the playoff picture is a bit clearer…but not much. 

At this point Duquesne can finish either at No. 8 or No. 9 in the standings depending on multiple things according to the sports information department.

To finish No. 8 and host a first round game the Dukes need to beat Saint Louis on Saturday, and also need Massachusetts to lose to Rhode Island at 4 p.m.

Rhode Island beating UMass is a tall order, considering the Rams have been eliminated from the postseason already. But...with nothing to lose?

If Duquesne loses on Saturday it will be a No. 9 seed, but it is unclear still who the team’s first round opponent would be.


Duquesne wins and UMass loses: Duquesne would be 8-8 in the conference and could win four different tie-breaking scenarios to host a first round game.

They are:

Massachusetts, Dayton, La Salle and Duquesne tie at 8-8: Duquesne would host UMass
Massachusetts, La Salle and Duquesne tie at 8-8: Duquesne would host UMass
Mass, Dayton and Duquesne tie at 8-8: Duquesne would host UMass
Mass & DUQ tie at 8-8: Duquesne would host UMass


If Duquesne finishes as the No. 9 seed (by way of losing to SLU on Saturday or UMass beating RI) there are multiple possibilities of where/who they would play in the first round.

Possibilities include: at Massachusetts, at La Salle, at Dayton.

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