Know the new guys: Jeremiah Worthem

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It's not a point that needs to be belabored too much for Robert Morris fans, but the Colonials are a largely reconstructed team this season, with six new scholarship players on the 13-man roster.

While people are understandably more concerned with what these guys do on the court, it doesn't hurt to know a little bit about them away from it. After all, barring anything foreseen taking place, these players will be part of the program for the next few years.

What I'll do here during the season is a small Q & A session with each of the newcomers. We'll kick things off with freshman forward Jeremiah Worthem, who is averaging 8.4 points and 4.1 rebounds per game so far this season.

I'll note here that this conversation took place about a month ago, but later that day, Robert Morris cut seven sports, so this got a little lost in the shuffle. With five other scholarship players (and a new walk-on), this will be the first one of the season-long series.

This is something I've been curious about for a little while -- how'd you get the nickname 'Lump?' “It was a nickname I grew up with. When I was a young kid, my mom’s best friend had given me that name. It was funny. It just stuck with me my whole life.”

How’d these guys on the team find out about it? “It just followed me. Everybody – AAU, college coaches, all my friends – just call me Lump. My high school coaches called me that, so everybody heard it.”

How has the transition to Division I basketball been going? “I’m still getting used to it. I’m way better than I was coming in. Coming in, it was just pretty rough – the game speed, the physicality, guys being bigger than you and stronger than you. The work ethic you have to put in day in and day out was just different.”

In high school, was it the kind of situation where you were able to get away with a whole lot, given your size and skill set? “Being bigger and stronger than players, you can just out-toughen them. Here, players are bigger and stronger then you, so you’ve just got to work. In high school, I could get past with being out of shape, play a whole game being out of shape. But coming in, you have to be in shape to play here.”

How tough were those first few workouts with coach Toole? “The first ever workout I had here, I only made it through about 20 minutes of it. I was tired, on my knees, almost passed out. Since then, I’ve been getting better, just working hard and getting in better shape. Now, it’s getting okay.”

Being from Philly, what’s your favorite cheesesteak place? “I’m going to go with Pat’s.”

Did you grow up a Sixers fan, I guess? “Pretty much. I’m an Allen Iverson fan.”

Was he a guy you idolized growing up or, with you being a bigger guy, was there someone else who you looked up to? “I didn’t really have a best player. I just watched the game, loved the game and watched everybody. I just enjoy watching it. I didn’t really have anybody that I looked up to who played the game.”


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