Dana Holgorsen: Bumps and bruises aplenty as camp wears on

Written by Stephen J. Nesbitt on .

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen met with media Thursday for his third press conference of fall camp. Here's a breakdown of what the ol' ball coach had to say.

• INTRO | Have had seven practices, three full contact. Pleased with amount of reps they’ve been getting. Guys are starting to get sore at this point, so this is when you can identify mental toughness. From this point forward can start constructing a depth chart, “if you can’t show you can do it in practice it’ll be hard to do it in a game.”

• DEPTH CHART | Feels good about how it looks on the offensive side of the ball. Need to develop a few backup linemen and wide receivers. “We’ll continue to monitor that.” Defensive is “probably a little more tricky because we have more bodies.” Coaches have harped on building depth. “The two-deep is important. It’s not only who the starters are but the guys behind them that can go in there as well.”

• INJURIES | The injury report is growing, which is normal this time of year. “My favorite part of the day is when we go out there at 4:30 when it’s hottest … who can rev the engines up and get going? That’s what I look forward to every day.”

• JOSH LAMBERT |  “He looks good! He’s a tightly wound guy. He’s tight, he’s muscular, he’s not your average-looking kicker.” Have to be careful how much he is used, since that over-kicking led to injuries for both Lambert and Michael Molinari in the past. Lambert had day off yesterday and will have today off, too. Lambert was 6-of-7 on field goals in a scrimmage the other day. Doesn’t know exactly what Lambert’s distance is, that’s something special-teams coach Joe DeForest determines before kickoff of each game.

• EDWARD MULDROW | “He’s twitchy. He’s fast. He’s motivated. He’s out of control.” Has to be able to keep himself under control a bit better, mentally and physically. “He ran with the ones yesterday, but he blew some gaskets, too.”

• SHANNON DAWSON | “I give him more leeway than, say, Mike Leach gave me.” Says he and Dawson “truly speak the same language.” Careers evolved at the same time, and they were always close by even when in different jobs.

• FREE SAFETY | “Pretty good battle” going between Jeremy Tyler and Dravon Henry. Tyler has been here for a year and has progressed well. Jarrod Harper “is way more sound not only assignment-wise but technique as well.” Were plugging guys in last season at different positions than they’re used to.

• CHANGE | “It’s constant and never-ending. That’s just what the nature of change is.” Was on treadmill yesterday and decided he wants to change Thursday and Friday pre-game routines. Asked staff to think of ideas, called a few people. “That’s probably my inner Mike Leach coming out to research things and be willing to change.”

• WILLIAM CREST | “I was just doing that to mess with you guys.” He did some punt returning to stay fresh in high school and the first day of practice was fielding punts. And he looked pretty good! If he’s the best option, he’ll definitely return punts. But if he were an every-down QB it’d be silly to do that.” Is ahead of the curve in every way at quarterback, “but he’s still got a long way to go.”

• RECEIVERS | Needs to see a few more guys in the rotation. Jordan Thompson “is having his best camp yet … I feel silly saying that, as he’s been Mr. Camp every fall and spring.”

• DARRIEN HOWARD | “It’s a shame he played last year. That should not have happened. It’s a shame.” He should be a redshirt freshman, but he was in for 20 snaps and burned the redshirt.

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