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Call them Da Beard and Da Brush. 

Pittsburgh Steelers running back and artist-in-residence Baron Batch presented team captain Brett Keisel with an abstract painting today after the team's first OTA session of 2013. The Steeler-flavored art features Keisel doing his signature bowhunter sack dance move over a field of 'beard' and Keisel's bird-of-prey eyes glaring out from the hypocycloids. 

Batch said that it only took about five hours to actually paint start to finish, but that he'd been working on the idea for weeks in his head and sketching out designs.

Other stuff from today:

***** Second-round pick Le'Veon Bell of Michigan State on being a big back, but not a "big" back:  

"A lot of people look at me like a big heavy guy but a lot of people forget I'm a 6' 2' guy and at the combine I measured in at 230 [and] I was like 7% body fat. I'm not an out of shape guy. I'm a pretty lean guy."  

***** It's only but Mike Tomlin was already in midseason form in answering reporters questions: 

Does it feel different out there with a lot of new personnel? 

"It feels new and different every year this time. We're working with 90 guys and largely every year 40 or so of them minimum are new guys and so from that standpoint its the same. We're always excited and energized to work with new faces."  

Impressed with anyone?

"Not at all. Football in shorts." 

Any urgency given all the offseason defections?

"No. This time of year you need to have a certain sense of urgency as you build and prepare. Hopefully this year is no different than any other in that regard." 

The latest on Heath Miller & Sean Spence ...

"As of right now, they're on schedule. We're pleased with where they are and we'll just continue to take it day by day and when that day comes, it'll be a good day." 

Where is Jarvis Jones? (healthwise)

"He's in the building. From a health standpoint? He's capable of practicing which he did and had a good day out there." 

***** Antonio Brown says that the Todd Haley offense is easier to grasp after a full year:

"Definitely. Everyone understands Todd's logic. He's got a feel for guys from last year and I think [we're] working together in the right direction."

***** Also, the team today hired former special teams ace Chidi Iwuoma as the team's BLESTO scout.

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