History of the Decade: Quarterback

Written by Dan Gigler on .

A look at the Steelers' success and failure at quarterback in the draft and free agency since 2003 ...

bigben rookie 

191/108/344: Career touchdown passes, interceptions and sacks taken by Ben Roethlisberger (127 games)

212/210/307: Career touchdown passes, interceptions and sacks taken by Terry Bradshaw (168 games)  

Source: Pro Football Reference

Draft: Not since a coin flip in 1970 gave them the rights to draft Terry Bradshaw has such a pick so greatly affected the fortunes of this football team. The selection of Ben Roethlisberger in 2004 ultimately brought Pittsburgh its coveted one-for-the-thumb in 2005, another in 2008, and nearly a seventh Super Bowl ring in 2010. He will almost certainly hold every significant team passing record by the time he retires.

And because Charlie Batch is the Rasputin of backup quarterbacks, draft picks Brian St. Pierre, Omar Jacobs, and Dennis Dixon were all made expendable as potential no. 2 men for the Steelers.

Free Agency: The chronically injured Byron Leftwich has had two stints with Pittsburgh, the first earned him a Super Bowl ring in 2008, the second spanned from 2010 to the present. Though he appeared in eight games four seasons he made only his one and only start for the Steelers this year at home against Baltimore – in which he was injured. Also, this week John Parker Wilson was claimed off of waivers from Jacksonville.

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