XIII in IMAX; Bicknell's record; Ray-Ray as The Deer Hunter

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*** Acoording to a poll conducted by the IMAX corporation asked which of five classic Super Bowls viewers would like to see on one of their awesomely massive, vertigo inducing movie screens and the Steelers' 35-31 victory over Dallas in Super Bowl XIII came in as the winner by a wide margin.

SBXIII TerryTerry Bradshaw in Super Bowl XIII. From the release:

"NEW YORK, NY – Jan. 30, 2013 – IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX; TSX:IMX) today called an audible when it announced the recent findings of a Facebook poll conducted from Sun., Jan. 27 to Mon., Jan. 29. Fans of IMAX were asked "If you could, which one of these five games would you want to experience in IMAX®?"

· Game XIII – Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31 · Game XXIII – San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16 · Game XXXIV – St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16 · Game XLII – New York 17, New England 14 · Game XLIV – New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17

More than 2,700 fans responded and when the results were tallied, there was a clear winner:

· 66% - Game XIII – Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31

· 13% - Game XXIII – San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16

· 10% - Game XLII – New York 17, New England 14

· 7% - Game XXXIV – St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16

· 4% - Game XLIV – New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17"

Super Bowl XIII is regarded as one of the most exciting Super Bowls of its day although is faded a bit, both with the passage of time and the volume of Steelers Super Bowl victories. It is the highest scoring Super Bowl with a margin of victory of less than a touchdown.

For an index of the Post-Gazette's coverage of that game as well as links to videos of the broadcast and highlights, click here.

*** Jack Bicknell, Jr. has a Super Bowl-winning offensive line to his credit -- the 2011 New York Giants -- as the assistant coach to that unit, but has only one year as a head offensive line coach, that being this past season with the Kansas City Chiefs. And while the Chiefs' season was niot good at all, the offensive line was one of the bright spots.

Pro Football Focus, using a formula that combines pass blocking, run blocking and penalties, rated it as the 12th best unit in the NFL in 2012, up four spots from 2011 when the Chiefs line was rated 16th best (by comparison the Steelers line was ranked 25th the past two seasons).

Here's what PFF had to say about the Bicknell coached line in 2012:

"12. Kansas City Chiefs (16)

PB – 14th, RB – 9th, PEN – 15th

Stud: By his own admission, Eric Winston (+15.9) and the Chiefs fans didn't exactly hit it off. While he wasn't exactly perfect this year, he was the most balanced player they had on their line.

Dud: The hope is that Jeff Allen (-19.6) improves after a disastrous rookie year. Given that there were signs of improvement in the second half of the 2012, we'd bet on it [Editors note: well we would with Khaled's money anyway].

Summary: Injuries hurt this line, which was something of a shame. They got strong play from all the guys who were penciled into start, but the problem came when rookies Allen and Donald Stephenson were forced into the lineup. Too much too soon."

So take that for whatever its worth. PFF was fairly scathing in its review of the Steelers line -- ranked 25th in 2012 and 2011 -- which is interesting because departed coach Sean Kugler is given a lot of praise for having turned the unit around during that time.

*** Finally, per the brouhaha over whether or not Ray Lewis used some kind of a weird deer hormone, this from Benstonium:

ray lewis deer hunter

The "one spray" line is a good touch.

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