The Sorry State of the Chiefs

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In the 1970's there was a famous public service ad featuring a dignified Native American chief with a single tear running down his cheek, expressing his pain at the what pollution was doing to his land.

Never mind that Iron Eyes Cody wasn't actually Native American, but rather Italian-American, if they re-shot that commercial today the chief might be crying for ... The Chiefs.

Do the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs count as football pollution? 
And their fans.

Widely regarded as one of the best fan bases in the NFL and with some of the best tailgating in the league Chiefs fans are enduring a real football purgatory. Set aside the fact that they haven't won a Super Bowl in 43 seasons or a playoff game in 19 seasons, the 2012 Chiefs are beyond terrible. Putrid. Almost fantastically bad.

At 1-7, this is one of the worst Chiefs teams in the franchise's proud history. They rank: Tied for 29th in points per game (16.6); Tied for 30th in total points (133); first in fumbles, fumbles lost and turnover margin (19,15,-20); third in points allowed per game (30).

But consider that they have not led in a game for one single second this entire season -- their only win was on an overtime field goal that ended that game. So they didn't actually lead until the game was over.

The denizens in Kansas City are well past panic mode. They're on to some serious soul-searching right now. Kind of like the GOP. But instead they have the SOC -- the Save Our Chiefs web site, which is calling for fans attending the Chiefs next home game against Cincinnati on Nov. 18 to wear black in protest of their team's atrocious season.

[Side note: Remember way, way back a whole twenty-eight days ago when the Steelers lost to Tennessee, fell to 2-3 and you had a minor freak-out? Ike Taylor stinks! The running game is terrible! Tomlin can't coach! The season is lost! Start thinking about the draft! ... Consider the plight of your Kansas City brethren.]

Here's sampling of the Kansas City blogosphere:

*** Arrowhead Addict says the Chiefs have failed to evolve in the modern NFL:

"How did we get here? No, not the human race, I’m referring to the Kansas City Chiefs.  It’s a question that keeps rattling around in my cranium and believe me, it’s being a Chiefs fan that’s propagated this critical mass brain shake. How in the name of Darwin did the Chiefs end up 1-7 while sitting at the 50 yard line of this season’s timeline and furthermore: why?"

*** Arrowhead Pride says that the Chiefs never should have fired Todd Haley:

"Say what you will at Haley, but this season never would've never happen under his watch, especially the -20 turnover ratio. He would've benched everyone."

*** Bleacher Report also says that firing Todd Haley was a mistake:

"Haley's the polar opposite of his successor: He's a hard-nosed disciplinarian that, at times, rubs people the wrong way. But when combing through the list of today's successful coaches, Haley's no-nonsense demeanor isn't as atypical as one may think. From Tom Coughlin to Mike Tomlin—who Haley currently answers to—the NFL's most revered minds are a little rough around the edges."

*** How do you think they really feel? "Kansas City Chiefs Fans Deserve Better, Inept Braintrust Must Go"

"Through eight excruciating contests, the 2012 Chiefs have somehow managed to hold a lead for a grand total of 0.00 seconds of game time. I mean, how is that even possible?

"It's almost enough to make even the most die-hard Chiefs fan throw his hands up like Ron Burgundy in Anchorman after Baxter eats the wheel of cheese and say, "I'm not even mad, that's amazing!" ...

"... What was once one of the NFL's model organizations with one of the league's great home-field advantages has officially hit rock bottom with the fans surely yearning for the halcyon days of playoff goats Lin Elliot and Elvis Grbac."

*** On Arrowhead Pride, the Chiefs midseason 'awards' are for categories like "Turnover of the Year" and "Useless Celebration of the Year"

*** SB Nation contends (correctly) that the Chiefs not drafting a high pedigree quarterback of their own is a source of their woes.

*** Indeed, its a pretty pathetic list of starters, and they haven't taken one in the first round since 1983 when the Chiefs selected Todd Blackledge ... over Dan Marino and Jim Kelly. Oops.

*** Finally, on that same note, you know things are really bad when you see a headline like this: Could the Kansas City Chiefs Get Tony Romo from Dallas Cowboys?

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