Three & Out: Antonio Brown

Written by Dan Gigler on .

Part of a semi-regular series of short interviews with Steelers players. Today: Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.


1. It was about this point in the season last year when you started heating up and making a name for yourself nationally. You're a known commodity now. Are opponents preparing for you differently this year?

BROWN: Definitely, it’s different. [Defenses] are expecting me. Last year, I hardly had a chance to play until the seventh game. Right now, I’ve been getting opportunities. I’m taking advantage of them. Definitely guys have been doing different things against me. But this is definitely the the phase [of the season] where I get better, and the time of the year where you can start being consistent in your play.

2. When you signed your new contract during camp, your young son sat with you at the press conference. You did not have an easy path growing up. What's it like to know that he won't have to struggle financially like you and your brother Desmond did?

BROWN: That’s a blessing. And that’s what it’s all about. Making a change for his generation and setting your kids up and giving them a better opportunity than I had. For me to make that transition for my son and my daughter is a blessed opportunity for me, and something that they’ll never forget and hopefully they’ll do the same – and much better -- for their kids.

3. There's a video of you out there riding your bike to work. Are you an avid cyclist?

BROWN: I love to cycle. In the offseason it’s a really good deal – a chance to stay in shape and not pound your joints while you’re still recovering [from the season]. I do bike trails. I try to do 15-20 miles a day in the offseason. I got a Scott [bike].

& Out: Game against the Vikings in London next year -- have you ever been overseas?

BROWN: It’s gonna be amazing. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve never been overseas. I gotta get my passport.

[What would you say to the royal family if you got to meet them?]

I’d just be honored. For that privilege and opportunity -- I’d just check ‘em with a smile [laughs].

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