The 'Terrible' Wedding

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The invitation.

Although the Steelers didn't get rings out of their ill-fated trip to Super Bowl XLV in 2011, they can perhaps take heart that last month two other people ultimately did.

The newly minted couple of Mike "Tonga" and Amy Crabtree (nee McClure) met that night at the C.B. & Potts Restaurant & Brewery in Westminster, Colo., a northern suburb of Denver, which on Sundays morphs into a Steelers bar (nicknamed "Pottsburgh") right in the heart of Broncos' country.

Though quite upset with the game's end result, Mike Crabtree said thankfully that he at least retained the good sense to get the phone number of "this redhead with the most beautiful green eyes that I have ever seen" whom he met there while drowning away his sorrows at the final score.

The rest, as they say, is history. They were married last month -- returning to "Pottsburgh" for the ceremony -- on the afternoon of the Steelers-Jets game, with a Steelers themed wedding, no less.

[ed. note: This blog has previously featured wedding parties stopping by training camp (with video), Steelers-Ravens engagement photos, all manner of Terrible Towels being waved at weddings, and God only knows how many wedding parties have entered to Renegade. But this is the first completely 100% Steelers themed wedding I can remember.]

Mike Crabtree explains:

The newlyweds: Mike "Tonga" & Amy Crabtree.
"For both of us this is our second marriage. We wanted it to be something more than just a wedding. We wanted to include that which brought us together, that being the Steelers and what is now our Steelers bar. Amy gave me a basic idea of what she wanted and I ran with it.

"I had our invitations made to look like tickets. I had [the ringbearer] throw our rings to me tied to a Steelers football. I had a personalized jersey made so that when the words "you may kiss the bride" were said Amy could remove her 86 Ward and show her 86 Crabtree jersey instead of lifting her veil.

"I had personalized Terrible Towels -- wedding towels (right) -- made as wedding favors for our friends so they could wave them like they were at Heinz Field after we were announced. Our wedding cake was also made to look like the Terrible Towel. Even Amy's nails were done the in the spirit of our beloved Steelers.

"Words cannot describe how thankful I am that Amy decided to go my Steelers bar, Pottsburgh, to watch our Steelers [try to] win #7 As Amy puts it "My passion for the Steelers is what brought me to Pottsburgh for the worst best day of my life." I must say I have to agree with her.

"As our officiate put it she is the best thing that has happened to team Tonga & Amy."

Check out some pictures from their wedding day.

The wedding party.
The cake. A nice touch adding a 'veil' to one of the helmets.
I love how the one guy (father of the bride?) is wearing a Karl Mecklenburg jersey.
Note the Steelers bow-tie on the pastor. Also, one can't help but be reminded of April & Andy's wedding on Parks & Rec.
The rings. Tonga and Amy wanted the Steelers to get their seventh; they ended up with two of their own.
Black & Yellowcake? Yoi!

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