No, I will not be eating PNC Park's new Cracker Jack & Mac hot dog

Written by Alex Iniguez on .

This is an abomination.

Noted ESPN food guy Darren Rovell tweeted today that the Pirates will sell something called the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog at PNC Park this season.

The utterly ridiculous hot dog is topped with tasty things — mac and cheese (good), jalapeno peppers (good) and Cracker Jack (good) — coming together to form something decidedly not good. The photo also suggests they may include a prize in there. Don't eat that.

If the Pirates try to rework the lyrics to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" to include references to their newest menu item, I might have to protest on Federal Street.

Going along with other absurd food items like the Braves' cheeseburger with pizzas as buns, the Pirates probably introduced this hot dog as a way to get idiots like me to write posts like this.

Regardless, I'll stick with mustard.

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