Antonio Brown: All-Pro receiver, All-Pro Snapchatter

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We all know Antonio Brown is good at playing football. The four-time Pro Bowler put up video game stats again this year before Vontaze Burfict knocked him out with a dirty hit at the end of the Steelers' AFC wild-card round win against the Bengals.

But Brown also has a knack for turning his Snapchat story into must-see programming. He uses the social media app to post long sequences of pictures and videos that his followers can enjoy over and over again — but only for 24 hours.

Let’s go on an adventure through what AB has been up to since his season ended. (Hint: A lot.)


Brown didn't travel with the Steelers to Denver for what became their season-ending loss in the divisional round. He did, however, watch in style, rocking a boss onesie (?!?) while sitting by the fire at his Mt. Washington home. He also posted a video of himself shoveling his driveway that day, so I guess life as the best receiver in the game isn't quite as glamorous as you might think.

With the season over, AB proceeded to hit the road and ran into a few unsuspecting toll collectors along the way.

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Brown asked this guy his signature question: "How's business?"

"GOOD!" the kindly toll collector replied. Whoops. Sir, "boomin'" was what we were looking for. He was in good company, though. Several other toll collectors were similarly flummoxed.

AB's Snapchat story also tells us a lot about how he eats. For instance, did you know he likes lobster bibs?

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Big-time lobster bib guy.

The man likes to hit balls with rackets of all shapes and sizes, too. Here he is playing tennis:

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And here he is ping-ponging, an occurrence so common in his snaps, it could probably provide enough #content for a whole other account called "ABpingpong."

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How does he return service while also Snapping? We'll never know. The magic happens behind the camera.

While we're proposing alternate Brown Snapchat accounts, how about "ABtoys." Here he is riding whatever this is at his house:

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And here he is standing on top of the ride he used to get around during Super Bowl week in San Francisco:

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Then there are the shenanigans. Here’s AB dancing with a guy who’s dab game is a solid 10:


...and here he is riding a swing, without a care in the world. The motion of the video makes this screenshot blurry, but you can still see the glee all over his face:


If you come to Brown's Snapchat account for the shenanigans and really nice things, though, stay for celebrity cameos. Here he is with tha god of Snapchat himself, DJ Khaled:

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Major key.

And here he is with Pitt running back James Conner at the South Side training facility the Steelers and Panthers share:

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So if you haven't followed AB's account — ab84official — or if you're not even in the Snap game at all yet, this is a snippet of what you're missing out on. I’d say it’s worth the download, and while you’re at it, check out pgsportsnow by adding us by username or scanning the code below:


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