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We invite you to add your personal blog posts or comments, and we encourage a thoughtful, open and lively exchange of ideas and information at and its communities. Some content and comments will generate heated discussions, but we expect -- and require -- that the tone of the commentary be civil and respectful.

Your comments will not be screened or edited before they appear on our Web site. We will, however, monitor and review your postings. We reserve the right to remove any comment that the community reports as abusive or the staff at determines is inappropriate, offensive or in any way violates our Terms of Use.

Those terms state clearly that you must not post comments containing:

- personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity or ethnic or racial slurs;

- language that threatens, harasses or encourages illegal or criminal acts;

- material that is defamatory, libelous or infringes on a copyright or trademark;

- solicitations or advertisements for any purpose;

- impersonations of anyone.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and are not responsible for any content you post. In keeping with our newsroom standards, do not contribute material that you know is inaccurate, false or confidential. Please keep your comments constructive and on topic.

As a registered user, you will have the opportunity to flag comments that appear to violate the Terms of Use or disrupt discussions.

We also reserve the right to ban permanently users whose online behavior is abusive and flagrantly violates our Terms of Use.

Remember that any content you provide becomes the property of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which has sole discretion over its use. Once it appears on our Web site, it will become available to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Our policy is that we will not remove postings at the user's request.

Thank you for abiding by our rules of the road!

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