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Written by Matt Kennedy on .

 Thanks for joining our Early Returns community and welcome to our blogging section where you can add your voice to our region's political scene.  Just take a moment to join here.

We know you'll enjoy sharing your commentary on the events of the day and conversing with other Early Returns members in the Pittsburgh tradition of open, respectful dialogue.

So what do you find missing in our community's political discourse?  Policy know-how? Street smarts? A grasp of finances? A sense of history? A sense of humor? Here's your chance to step up and fill the void ... starting right now.

A couple of notes ... our new site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 7 browsers or higher or with Firefox browsers.  And just like those other platforms for Pittsburgh punditry -- beer gardens, beauty parlors and coffee joints -- we've got our standards for commenting and you've got to stick to 'em.

Thanks for joining Early Returns.  Everybody's waiting to see what you've got say!





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