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On Sept. 12, during a Key West vacation, Derek Gabrish of Bloomfield caught this grouper.


Around midnight Sept. 6, Will Dwyer, 13, of Shaler caught this 37 1/2-inch flathead on a large shiner near Brunot Island on the Ohio River.


While fishing with minnow-tipped jigs at Deep Creek, Md., Johnny Aiello (left), 15, of Monroeville boated a 16 3/4-inch walleye at exactly the same time that Jimmie Koch (right), 14, of Bethel Park was pulling in a 13-inch smallmouth.


While fishing on the Juniata River near Woy Bridge Campground in Bedford County, Sophia Stoicovy, 10, of Jefferson Hills pulled in this 16-inch smallmouth.


With a little help from grandpap Dave Gallagher of Peters, Jacob Gallagher, 2, of North Strabane caught his first fish. Four bluegills were pulled from an Allegheny County pond using meal worms.

Justin Covelli, 14, of Jefferson Hills caught this brown trout on a fly rod at Rockwell Springs Trout Club in Clyde, Ohio. It measured 27 inches and weighed 11 pounds.


Jake Bartos, 5, of Canonsburg wore gloves for this photo because he didn’t like touching the 15- and 13-inch rainbow trout he caught at Raccoon Creek State Park.


Three muskies, two anglers, one fishing trip. On the Allegheny River near Kittanning, Luke Wholey of Pittsburgh released muskellunge measuring 37 inches and 45 inches, 25 1/2 pounds, and Nicholas Colangelo of Pittsburgh released a 40-incher. The pair have landed 16 muskies in western Pennsylvania in 2014.

Nicholas Colangelo

Luke Wholey

Luke Wholey

Luke Wholey and Nicholas Colangelo


Felicia Cianciarulo of Kennedy caught this longnose gar in the Ohio River near Neville Island on Aug. 12. It was caught on chicken liver and was more than 3 foot long.


Giovanni Roscoe, 19, of Greenfield caught this flathead catfish on a bluegill while night fishing on the Mon near the Hot Metal Bridge on Aug. 13.


On July 26, Chuckie Buggey of the North Side landed this 18-inch channel cat on the Allegheny River near Washington's Landing.


Siera Bennett, 6, of Bethel Park caught her very first fish, a bass, at North Park Lake on a night crawler.



At around 6:30 a.m. July 26, Scott Kozelnik of Ross caught two rainbow trout on Pine Creek near the Sample Road bridge.



The first fish ever caught by Zaira Gilliland, 6, of Slippery Rock, a sunfish, was also the first fish caught at the Post-Gazette Family Fishing area at the 2014 Regatta at Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, Aug. 2-3.



Trina Cheng, 8, of Frederick, Md., caught her first fish, a bluegill, at the Regatta.



Shey Clark, 5, of Mars released a bluegill and a perch at Lake Arthur.



Craig Denny, 9, of Fenelton, Pa., released this sunfish during the Regatta.



Max Donald Brenner, 6, of Beaver released a sunfish at the regatta's Post-Gazette Family Fishing area.



Cheyenne Scott, 12, of Glassport was very happy about catching a bluegill at the Regatta at Lake Arthur.



Owen Winter, 4, of Richmond, Va., caught the first fish of his life, a sunfish, at the Regatta at Lake Arthur.



The Froggy radio mascot didn't get a bite.



Veteran angler Kevin Corless, 12, of Aliquippa released a bluegill and this yellow perch at the Post-Gazette Family Fishing area.



First fish ever: Savi Dillan, 4, of Garfield was excited about the yellow perch he caught at the Post-Gazette Family Fishing Area at the Regatta at Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park.



Nicholas Varhola, 2 1/2, shown with his father, Rick Varhola, screamed with delight when he caught his first fish, a 5-inch yellow perch. Nick was on vacation with family at Conneaut Lake and was using his new Spiderman fishing rod.



May 21: Bryce Boyles, 12, of Clairton on the Monongahela River as part of a Sense of Place Learning fishing field trip.
Photo by Dave Hennon.



Max McKitrick, 14, of Bethel Park caught many smallmouths fishing in Lake Erie out of Buffalo with Captain Tim Braun of Braun's Outdoors.




On the evening of July 25 at Pine Creek, Allegheny County, Everett Anderson, 4, of Downingtown, Pa., and his grandfather Dave Anderson of Allison Park landed about 15 smallmouths up to 12 inches and a 15-inch sucker pitching red worms with ultra-light spinning gear.




Gary Eakins (top) and Randy Brandt (bottom) caught these 43-inch and 39-inch muskies within 30 minutes on the evening of July 19 on the Monongahela River.
"Best half hour of fishing we ever had," said Eakins.



Bill Fogel of Valencia (top) caught this 23-inch channel cat on a dough ball. Chad Gibson (bottom) of Charleroi released a dozen bluegills and sunfish. Both were fishing with former guide Jim Burr and his dog Suzi at Lake Arthur on July 23.



Frank Zuber of West View knows his flathead catfish weighed 36 pounds, but his 40-inch tape measure was too short to record the length. Nevertheless, it was the biggest fish he's ever caught. He took it on a bluegill at North Park Lake using a medium-action rod and reel spooled with 12-pound test line.



Emma Walsh, 14, of Cranberry was given a state Fish and Boat Commission certificate for the 27-inch, 7-pound walleye she boated at Pymatuning Reservoir, Crawford County. The fish took a crawler-tipped jig. She's been fishing with her dad Tom Walsh for more than 11 years.



On July 6, Allison Druga, 6, of Plum caught her first fish -- a 6-inch bluegill -- at Northmoreland Park, Westmoreland County.


Max [last name withheld by request], 6, of Franklin Park, promised to catch five fish – one for every member of his family. On his first fishing trip, at North Park Lake, he kept his promise.



Paul Pindel caught this nice pike -- more than 30 inches -- June 24 in Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park.


Karlee Shannon Shae Lang, 5, of Brookline caught a baby shark on a child's fishing pole while vacationing in North Topsail Beach, NC. She's a little girl who loves all animals and was thrilled with her catch. Naturally, she threw it back to be with its family.



Mathew Singiser caught this bass July 6 in the State Game Lands at Hillman State Park.



Riley Tapolci, 5, of North Strabane went on his first fishing trip to a local pond with his grandpap, Dave Gallaher of McMurray In about 90 minutes he landed nine bluegills, using meal worms as bait. This is his first catch of his young life. Grandpap is very proud of his fishing buddy.



Jonathan Aloisio, 2, of Pleasant Hills recently caught his first fish, bluegill, on a red worm under a bobber at Helen Lake, Somerset County.



Fishing in the Allegheny River, Downtown, Michael Kirshenbaum of Squirrel Hill landed a 26-inch carp on french fries July 11. He brought in a 17-inch walleye on a crawler July 14.



Alan Suchy, of Baldwin caught this big mouth in a private pond while in South Carolina. It weigh 14 pounds, 6 ounces.



Cecilia Griffith of Troy Hill caught this flathead catfish on the night of June 29 on the Allegheny River.







Luke Wholey of Wild Alaska Grille caught these flatheads and northern pike on the Allegheny River in Armstrong and Allegheny counties.



Ken Ringel of Carnegie caught this 14-inch rainbow trout in Chartiers
Creek in Carnegie at 7:30 p.m. June 17. In addition, he caught a
walleye and five sauger within an hour.



Brian Gordon of Evans City caught his first fish at Lake Arthur during Moraine State Park's celebration of National Get Outdoors Day at the Post-Gazette Family Fishing Tent. Gordon and his family were fishing for the first time, considering more time on the water this summer.



Michael Turk, 10, of Lynders, Pa., caught this green sunfish at the Post-Gazette Family Fishing Tent at Lake Arthur during Moraine State Park's Get Outdoors Day Festival.



Evan Walsh, 12, of Shaler caught two bluegills at the Post-Gazette Family Fishing Tent at Moraine State Park's Get Outdoors Festival.



Mikell Gordon, 9, of New Castle caught a perch during Moraine State Park's Get Outdoors Day Festival at the Post-Gazette Family Fishing Tent.



Smokey Bear did a little fishing and a lot waving at kids during Moraine State Park's Get Outdoors Day Festival.



While researching a story about lake trout during a Reel Obsession charter on Lake Erie, outdoors editor John Hayes released three including this 28-incher.



Rick Paolino of Plum released this 27-inch 9-pound lake trout during a Reel Obsession charter on Lake Erie.



Fish on. Rick Paolino of Plum during a Reel Obsession charter on Lake Erie.



Justin Paolino of Kittanning released this 30-inch, 12-pound 10-ounce lake trout during a Reel Obsession charter on Lake Erie.



Outdoors editor John Hayes caught this walleye in Lake Erie off North East during a Reel Obsession charter.




Benjamin Saks of Garfield released these largemouth bass, estimated 18 and 19 1/2 inches, at Raccoon Creek State Park.




Joe Brown of East Pittsburgh caught the channel cat above -- estimated 24 inches, 10 pounds -- on the Monongahela River near Braddock. Following a 15- to 20-minute fight, he landed the the 38-inch, 10 1/2-pound carp in the same area.



Cooper Dietz, 6, of Hays holding a 38-inch flathead catfish that almost pulled him into the Monongahela River near Duck Hollow.



Cara J. Della Toffalo, 9, of Harmony with her first catfish -- a 29-inch, 12-pound channel cat -- caught June 1 on a crawler with an ultra-light rod and 4-pound test line at Lake Arthur.



John Kampian of Joffre, Pa., with a 44-inch, 24-pound muskie -- his first in 61 years -- released May 9 at Pymatuning Reservoir. 



On April 26, 2014, Tim Mance, 11, caught this 17 1/2-inch golden rainbow trout at Oil Creek in Tionesta, Pa.
Photo taken by his father Mike Mance.



David Higgins of Hickory, Pa., caught this 15 1/2-inch, 1 3/4-pound crappie at Cross Creek Lake, Washington County, in 4 to 5 feet using a silver-white tube jig.





On his first cast from the shore of Tionesta Creek, Mike Hetrick caught this 43-inch muskellunge.




Luke Wholey, owner and chef of Wild Alaskan Grille restaurant in the Strip District, has released 10 muskies on the Allegheny River in 2014. Nine were pulled through the ice, the most recent was released June 16.



Ralph Brunner of South Park caught this 24-inch, 5-pound rainbow trout at Pine Creek, Allegheny County.
Photo by Danielle Brunner.




Doug Leichliter of Greensburg. Rainbow trout caught on a red plastic worm. Mill Creek, Westmoreland County.



First time fly casting, Sadie Greene, 4, caught eight fish in 40 minutes, including this bluegill, at Lake Arther, Moraine State Park, Butler County.


Cara J. Della Toffalo, age 9, of Harmony

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