The Penn State Scandal, Piece by Piece

Lastest Update: July 12 - Former FBI Director Louis Freeh releases findings from Penn State's internal investigation.

The sexual abuse scandal that has shaken Penn State has a host of characters and a history that spans decades. In this interactive, you can explore the timeline of the case and focus on the people involved.

Below are the major events in chronological order. On the left, you can sort the events of the scandal by the people who were involved in them.

Sources: Pennsylvania Attorney General's office; grand jury presentment in investigation of sexual abuse charges against Jerry Sandusky; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Penn State University; the Associated Press. Interactive by Chris Kirk. More on the Penn State Scandal.

Jerry Sandusky


Jerry Sandusky starts his coaching career at Penn State as a defensive line coach.

A sign outside the Second Mile headquarters in State College


Sandusky founds The Second Mile. It begins as a group foster home dedicated to helping troubled boys and grows into a charity dedicated to helping children with absent or dysfunctional families. In the 90s, the program becomes a means for Sandusky to sexually abuse boys.


Boy known as Victim 7 meets Sandusky through The Second Mile at about the age of 10. The boy regularly sleeps at Sandusky's house on Friday nights before home games and attends those games with him. When he stays at Sandusky's house, Sandusky sometimes cuddles with him. They work out and shower together regularly.


Boy known as Victim 6 meets Sandusky at a Second Mile picnic at Spring Creek Park when he is 7 or 8 years old.


Boy known as Victim 5 meets Sandusky through The Second Mile when he is 7 or 8, in second or third grade. He attends several football games with Sandusky. Once, Sandusky takes him to the locker rooms and, after briefly exercising, said that they needed to shower. Uncomfortable, Victim 5 chooses a shower far away from Sandusky's. Sandusky begins to molest him, but the boy leaves the shower and gets dressed. Sandusky never touches him again and stops inviting him to football games.


Sandusky singles out Victim 4, then 12 or 13, during the boy's second year in The Second Mile. Sandusky molested the boy several times in the showers at Penn State, in hotel rooms at the Toftrees Golf Resort and Conference Center in Centre County, where the football team and staff stayed before home football games.


10-year-old Victim 10 begins participating in The Second Mile after a counselor refers him to it because he is having trouble with his home life. After his first summer in the program, Sandusky begins spending time with the boy, inviting him to come to his house. Sandusky would begin wrestling with the boy in the basement and then sexually assault him. Sandusky buys the boy clothes and shoes. Their relationship ends after Victim 10 refuses to perform oral sex on Sandusky in Sandusky's car.


Victim 4 is listed, along with Sandusky's wife, as a member of Sandusky's family party for the 1998 Outback Bowl.


Sandusky takes Victim 6 to the gym when he is 11 years old. After working out, Sandusky persuades the boy to shower with him. While they shower, Sandusky hugs the boy. When Sandusky drops Victim 6 at home, his hair is still wet. His mother finds out that Sandusky showered with her son. She reports the incident to the university police, who investigate.

A handwritten note Schultz wrote in May 1998 about the accusations against Sandusky.

1998 - May 4

Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz is notified of investigation. In confidential notes, he writes the following about Sandusky: "Behavior -- at best inappropriate @worst sexual improprieties" and "At min -- Poor Judgement." Later, he writes: "Is this opening of pandora's box? Other children?"

1998 - May 5-13

University Park Police Department Chief Harmon emails Schultz: "We're going to hold off on making any crime log entry. At this point in time I can justify that decision because of the lack of clear evidence of a crime." Meanwhile, Athletic Director Tim Curley tells Schultz and Penn State President Graham Spanier he has "touched base with" Paterno about the incident. Curley later emails Schultz: "Anything new in this department? Coach is anxious to know where it stands."

"I understand. I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won't get it from you. I wish I were dead."
Sandusky to Victim 6's mother, according to Schreffler's testimony

1998 - May 13

According to Detective Ronald Schreffler's testimony, he and State College Police Department Detective Ralph Ralston, with the consent of the mother of Victim 6, eavesdrop on two conversations the mother of Victim 6 has with Sandusky. Sandusky says he has showered with other boys. When she asks if Sandusky touched her son's genitals, he says, "I don't think so...maybe." The mother tries to make Sandusky promise never to shower with a boy again, but he refuses. She tells Sandusky that he cannot see her son anymore.


According to the testimony of Jerry Lauro, an investigator with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, he and Schreffler interviewed Sandusky, and Sandusky admits to showering naked with Victim 6, to hugging Victim 6 while in the shower and that it was wrong. Schreffler advises Sandusky not to shower with a boy again. Sandusky says he will not. The case is closed after then-Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar decides there will be no criminal charge.

Sandusky at the Alamo Bowl game against Texas A&M on Dec. 28, 1999

1999 - December

Victim 4 is listed, along with Sandusky's wife, as a member of Sandusky's family party for the 1998 Outback Bowl and 1999 Alamo Bowl. When Victim 4 resists his sexual advances, Sandusky threatens to send the boy home from the Alamo Bowl.

Jerry Sandusky with Joe Paterno in 1999

1999 - January

Sandusky retires from Penn State with a lump sum payment of $168,0000 but still holds emeritus status. He remained affiliated with The Second Mile.


Boy known as Victim 3 meets Sandusky through The Second Mile when he is between seventh and eighth grade. Sandusky invites him to go places with him, such as his house, football games and the gym. At the gym, Sandusky and Victim 3 would exercise and shower together, and in the shower Sandusky would pat him, rub the boy's shoulders, wash his hair and give him bear hugs. When staying at Sandusky's house, Sandusky would rub his shoulders, blow on his stomach, tickle him, and touch his genitals through his shorts.

Jim said he had "fought in the [Korean] war...seen people with their guts blowed out, arms dismembered...I just witnessed something in there I'll never forget."
The presentment


A janitor named James Calhoun observes Sandusky in the showers of the Lasch Football Building on campus with a boy, known as Victim 8, pinned up against the wall, performing oral sex on the boy. Calhoun, deeply disturbed, approaches his janitorial coworkers in tears and tells them what he saw. The employees fear they may lose their jobs if they report the incident but persuade Calhoun to tell Jay Witherite, Calhoun's immediate supervisor. Witherite tells him to whom he should report the incident. Calhoun was a temporary employee and never makes a report. He was afraid that "they'll get rid of all of us," the Freeh report later reveals.

Mike McQueary

2001 - February

Mike McQueary, then a Penn State grad assistant, enters the locker room at the Lasch Football Building. In the showers, he sees a naked boy, known as Victim 2, whose age he estimates to be 10 years old, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. McQueary immediately tells his father, who advises him to inform Coach Joe Paterno.

Tim Curley, former Penn State athletic director

2001 - February

McQueary tells Paterno that he saw Sandusky molest a young boy. Paterno relays the story to Athletic Director Tim Curley. On Feb. 11, Schultz consults with university counsel Wendell Courtney "re reporting of suspected child abuse."

2001 - February 12

Spanier, Schultz and Curley meet to discuss McQueary's accusations. According to Schultz's notes, they touched on the 1998 incident and agreed Curley would talk to Paterno and meet with Sandusky. Per Schultz's notes: "Unless he confesses to having a problem, [Curley] will indicate we need to have DPW review the matter as an independent agency concerned w child welfare.

The only downside for us is if the message isn't 'heard' and acted upon, and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it.
Feb. 27, 2001 email from Spanier to Curley and Schultz on Sandusky.

2001 - February 27-28

Curley emails Schultz and Spanier and says he's changed his mind about the plan "after giving it more thought and talking it over with Joe [Paterno] yesterday." He now suggests offering Sandusky "professional help." Spanier acedes, but notes "The only downside for us is if the message isn't 'heard' and acted upon, and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it. But that can be assessed down the road. The approach you outline is humane and a reasonable way to proceed."

Gary Schultz, former Penn State senior vice president for finance and business

2001 - February

Later in the month, Curley and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz call McQueary to a meeting, where McQueary tells them he saw Sandusky sexually assault the boy. Curley and Schultz say they will investigate the matter.

Years later, Curley testifies during the grand jury investigation that McQueary did not describe Sandusky's conduct as sexual but merely "horsing around." Schultz testifies that he got the impression of sexual misconduct but not anal intercourse, but adds that he and Curley "had no indication that a crime had occurred." The grand jury determined both of these claims to be materially false statements.

2001 - February

Curley and Schultz agree to prohibit Sandusky from bringing any Second Mile children into the football building, a ban that Curley later describes in his testimony as unenforceable. Curley reports the incident to the executive director of The Second Mile, Jack Raykovitz.

Graham Spanier in 2001


Curley informs University President Graham Spanier of the incident with victim 2, and Spanier approves of barring Sandusky from bringing boys into the locker room. According to Spanier's testimony, Curley does not tell him that Sandusky had sexually abused the victim but had rather been merely "horsing around" in the shower.

"I took it at first he was just a nice guy."
Victim 9's testimony to the Grand Jury, according to the presentment


Victim 9 begins participating in The Second Mile, and continues participating until 2008. Sandusky begins to take Victim 9, who is about 11 years old, too football games and gives him gifts and invites him to stay overnight in the basement of his home. Sandusky sexually assaults him regularly for years.

2005 - March

Boy known as Victim 1 says that he meets Sandusky through The Second Mile at age 11 or 12.


During the 2007 track season, Sandusky begins spending time with Victim 1 weekly, having him stay overnight at his residence in College Township, Pa., and taking him to professional and college sporting events. Sandusky began regularly molesting the boy when he stayed over, performing oral sex on him more than 20 times through 2007 and early 2008.


When Victim 1 enters his freshman year at Central Valley High School in Clinton County, he stops seeing Sandusky. Victim 1's mother finds out about the sexual assaults and calls the school to report them. Sandusky is barred from the school district attended by Victim 1 from that day forward and the matter is reported to authorities as mandated by law. Her report leads to an investigation into Sandusky.


After Sandusky sexually assaults boys through The Second Mile for more than 15 years, Victim 1's mother reports the sexual assault of her son and the boy tells police of Sandusky's assaults, prompting the Pennsylvania attorney general to begin an investigation.

2010 - September

Sandusky retires from day-to-day involvement with The Second Mile, saying he wants to spend more time with family and handle personal matters.

Jerry Sandusky

2011 - November 4

Former university counsel Wendell Courtney emails Schultz a newspaper story about Sandusky's pending charges. Schultz replies, "I was never aware that 'Penn State police investigated inappropriate touching in a shower' in 1998."

Jerry Sandusky

2011 - November 5

Sandusky is arrested and released on $100,000 bail after being arraigned on 40 criminal counts.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly

2011 - November 7

Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly says Paterno is not a target of the investigation of how the school handled the accusations. But she refuses to say the same for University President Graham Spanier.

2011 - November 7

Curley and Schultz, who have stepped down from their positions, surrender on charges that they failed to alert police to complaints against Sandusky.

Joe Paterno

2011 - November 7

Calls for an ouster of Paterno and Spanier grow in state and beyond. Penn State abruptly cancels Paterno's regular weekly press conference.

2011 - November 9

The Penn States board of trustees fires both Paterno and Spanier, one of the nation's longest-serving college presidents. Earlier in the day, Paterno announced he'd retire at the end of the season. In the end, he didn't have that choice. Penn State students rally and riot in anger over the news.

2011 - November 10

Rod Erickson, iterim president of Penn State, outlines a plan to trustees to "get the university back moving again." The university issues a statement that assistant coach Mike McQueary will not be coaching Saturday's game because of threats that have been made against him. The 32-member board of trustees searches for a new president.

2011 - November 11

Several thousand people gather at Penn State for a candlelight vigil to pray for Sandusky's alleged victims.

Jay Raykovitz, former president and CEO of The Second Mile

2011 - November 14

The president and CEO of The Second Mile, Jack Raykovitz, who has headed the organization for 28 years, steps down.

"Jerry Sandusky is a big overgrown kid."
Sandusky's attorney on NBC News' "Rock Center"

2011 - November 14

Sandusky tells NBC News' "Rock Center" that he is not a pedophile but, in retrospect, should not have showered with the boys he's charged with sexually assaulting. When Bob Costas asks Sandusky if he is sexually attracted to young boys, Sandusky hesitates, then says, "Am I sexually attracted to young boys? Sexually attracted, you know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. But no, I'm not sexually attracted to young boys." Commentators call Sandusky's performance unconvincing, and public image experts and lawyers agree that his appearance on the show only further damages his public image.

2011 - November 16

Penn State and State College police say they have no record of McQueary reporting the molestation of Victim 2, which runs counter to a claim McQueary made in an email earlier in the week that he had "discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of the police" about what he saw.

2011 - November 18

The National Collegiate Athletic Association announces it will investigate whether Penn State violated any NCAA bylaws in failing to report Sandusky's molestations. If proven, the NCAA could penalize the school in various ways, including cutting scholarships, imposing recruiting restrictions, banning TV appearances and postseason play, and applying the "death penalty," which would ban the school from all intercollegiate athletic competition.

2011 - November 18

The New York Times reports that the leaders of The Second Mile plan to dissolve the charity and possibly transfer its programs to a small number of nonprofit groups. Later, the group's new CEO says closing the charity is only one option and no decisions have been made.

2011 - December 7

Police arrest and jail Sandusky after Victim 9 and Victim 10 accuse him of sexually abusing them when they were participants in The Second Mile.

2011 - December 13

Sandusky waives his preliminary hearing, moving his criminal case to Centre County Common Pleas Court. The next date scheduled in the case is Jan. 11, the formal arraignment.

2011 - December 16

Penn State University administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are headed for trial after a preliminary hearing in Harrisburg. Each faces one count of perjury and another having to do with failing to report allegations that Sandusky sexually assaulted a boy in a Penn State locker room shower.

Joe Paterno

2012 - January 22

Joe Paterno dies. On Nov. 18, nine days after Penn State's board of trustees fired him, Paterno was diagnosed with lung cancer. Then he refractured his pelvis in a fall at his home, and his health deteriorated quickly afterward.

2012 - February 2

The state seeks an outside jury for Sandusky abuse trial.

2012 - February 8

Sandusky lawyers claim accusers collaborating against ex-coach.

2012 - February 9

Sandusky opposes out-of-county jury.

2012 - February 29

Sandusky lawyer asks trial delay until mid-July.

2012 - March 1

Judge denies Sandusky request for 2-month delay.

2012 - April 10

Sandusky case judge institutes gag order.

2012 - May 19

New documents clarify, update Sandusky charges.

2012 - May 22

Judge firm on June 5 Sandusky trial date.

2012 - June 11

Day 1 of Sandusky trial concludes.

2012 - June 14

On Day 3 of Sandusky trial witnesses recall threats, rebuffs.

2012 - June 13

McQueary testifies he saw Sandusky having sex with boy.

2012 - June 14

Victim 9 describes screaming in Sandusky basement.

2012 - June 15

Prosecution wrapping up Sandusky case.

2012 - June 15

Sandusky defense to present expert testimony on ''histrionic personality''.

2012 - June 19

Character witnesses defend Sandusky.

2012 - June 20

Sandusky's wife comes to his defense.

2012 - June 20

Sandusky defense rests; he does not testify. VIDEO: Defense rests in Sandusky trial.

2012 - June 21

The judge gives the jury instructions in the Jerry Sandusky trial. Closing arguments follow.

2012 - June 22

Jerry Sandusky is found guilty of 45 of 48 counts. (Photo: Bob Donaldson/Post-Gazette) See also: Sandusky's adopted son claims he was abused. The verdict unfolds on Storify.

Former FBI director Louis Freeh announces the findings of Penn State's internal investigation into the Sandusky scandal.

2012 - July 12

Former FBI director Louis Freeh, tasked by the Penn State of Trustees with the internal investigation of the Sandusky scandal, releases a 267-page report blasting university leadership for "the total disregard for the safety and welfare" of Sandusky's victims. He specifically calls out Paterno, Schultz, Curley and Spanier, saying the four men did nothing to determine the identity of the boy McQueary saw with Sandusky in 2001 and missed multiple opportunities to notify law enforcement.

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