The last hurrah

Written by Reg Henry on .


This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

— "The End," The Doors

Well, not really. I am still working here at the PG, still available to friends who want to drop a line or call, so don't be strangers now that I'm saying goodbye. I am also going to join Facebook — a move I have resisted for years — so that I can have a dialogue with people about my column. If I can do it, you can do it too.

I want to make clear that it was my choice alone to cease writing this blog — this was not a suit-ordered dictate. I chose to stop because of a combination of several factors, including a growing combativeness in the tenor of the blog and the coming of technological change on the PG website.

But most of all, I simply thought that I was writing too much every day and becoming stale. Writers burn out and I could smell my wiring smoldering.

I want to thank everybody who contributed to this blog over the long span of Reg on Wry (my guess is that I have been doing this for two to three years).

For a while, we had a rare community of diverse characters here, predominantly liberal of course but with some outstanding conservatives too. While it thrived, this was a place for intelligent discourse with a few a laughs thrown in, and that's about as rare as hen's teeth .

Yes, courtesy and mutual respect broke down somewhat in the end — and some newcomers arrived with nothing more to add than attitude — but that's human nature. The knights of the Round Table broke up in acrimony too.

In the history of the blog, only three people were cast off into the outer darkness. They will live with their shame forever.

My memory is that Little Minx was the first Reg-ulator, so she gets the long service medal, also the medal for most dogmatically irritating at times. However, she was especially kind to me when I had prostate cancer, and she added a lot at other times, so all is forgiven. I hope she forgives me.

My mother used to quote Ephesians: "Let not the sun go down on thy wrath."

Good advice. So as the sun sets on this blog, I ask for forgiveness from all who were offended by me at one stage or the other.

I have now sent out directions to the Reg-ulators Rave-Up next Thursday. If you sought these and have not got the venue, email or call me (412-263-1668) please (I still haven't heard from some notables I'd love to meet, including the erudite UMOC).

Thank you for all the kind words in previous postings. I will keep the blog open through the weekend for any last words, kindly or not.

Goodnight, sweet Reg-ulators, may flights of postings speed thee to thy rest.

Tillie, my granddaughter, gets the last word, in her own way:



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