Alleged criminals get a break

Written by Reg Henry on .

reg_juryI was called to jury duty today in the criminal division of the Common Pleas Court of Allegheny County. This is only the second time I have been called in close to 20 years and both times have worked out the same. I did not make it on to a jury. I didn't even make it to being interviewed.

I think if I got to the interview stage I might be rejected anyway. The attorneys would figure out that Reginald is the long version of Reg, shortly after they noticed that I had admitted to being a journalist on the questionnaire.

Actually, I would really like to be called — it would be interesting — but as long as I am working here I think I will just have to go down to the courthouse every few years only to be disappointed.

Oh well, my civic duty is done. They also serve who but stand and wait. My only advice to you if you are called for your jury duty is to bring a good book, There is a lot of waiting.

I have decided our venue for the reunion/wake. It will be held next Thursday from about 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 or 9 ish at ..... wait, that's a secret only to be shared in confidential emails with Reg-ulators. I have enemies. It's not that I fear my enemies, but I just don't want to buy them a drink.

I will mail all those who sent me a note with the details tomorrow (Friday). If you haven't responded to the general invitation to all blog readers of goodwill, please do so. If you don't get a note from me by the end of Friday, send me another note on Monday.
I will try and buy everyone an initial drink and will supply some horses doovers — hors d'oeuvres in your language. After that, it's a cash bar.

Again, I repeat that this is not an official PG function (although some of my PG friends may be there). It's just me saying thank you.

Be there or be square.

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