Another day of tears

Written by Reg Henry on .

Another day in America, another shooting — this time at Western Psych in Oakland. As I write two people are dead, including apparently the person who opened fire, and seven are wounded. What a tragedy.

As more details emerge, perhaps we can make sense of this and we can comment. But at the moment I can't think of anything to say and my hunch is that even with the details revealed there will be nothing to say except another day in America, another shooting.


From the If We Don't Laugh We Will Certainly Cry Department:

Although all statutes are a convenience to pigeons, I am not sure living people should be honored with statues. I refer to the thankfully very much alive Mario Lemieux. I have nothing against Mario; on the contrary, he strikes me as a grand fellow as well as being the single most important reason that Pittsburgh became a hockey town and remained one. Besides, he lives about a quarter of a mile from my house, although he seldom comes over to borrow my hedge clippers.

But if a living person must be honored with a statue, daring the fates that he won't do something really obnoxious before he leaves us, does it have to involve two New York Islanders defensemen with their butts in the air? This is a most unbecoming pose even for an Islander. I say, get those bums out of there.

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