Are you super excited yet?

Written by Reg Henry on .

It is the evening now of Super Tuesday and my heart is fairly palpitating. Soon the results will start flowing in and our burning curiosity will be quenched: Will Plastic Man beat Sen. Sanctimonious in Ohio? Will the much-wed salamander hold the party of family values banner high in his home state of Georgia? Or will the same old clown show just roll on without much change?

I am going out on a limb and predicting the latter.

It is a hard job being a satirist and the proof came again in this morning's paper. So many things occur in Pittsburgh which are beyond satire. I refer you to "Former Councilwoman Takes Sewer Authority Job." The councilwoman is Tonya Payne, who will receive $60,151 for doing goodness knows what. Whatever it is, the post has been vacant since 2009 and no applications were sought.

Just think of it: The favored place where the patronage hires are parked as a reward for their service as Democratic Party hacks is the sewer authority. You couldn't make this stuff up.

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