Riders and the city can't take more public transit cuts

Written by Susan Mannella on .

It is absolutely unbelievable that the Port Authority is entertaining eliminating the P10 route from its schedule. This route was originally formed by combining five routes several years ago. Five routes into one. The buses come every 15 to 20 minutes and are packed to capacity and passengers are standing most times. To eliminate this route would be catastrophic for the northern area of the county.

We residents north of the city have constantly been overlooked when the necessity of keeping routes on the schedule is an issue -- which remains constant. We Northerners work in the city, too. We have a longer commute than others but have sucked it up for the sake of convenience and cost.

If this route is eliminated, the Port Authority is forcing several choices: drive farther to catch the sickening 1 or 91 bus which, even during normal working hours, rides a (shall I say) unique crowd of passengers.

Another choice would be to have people drive into the city, which is another idea with extreme limitations because the city will not be able to accommodate all the vehicles if people are forced to drive to get into the city. Then, people may even be forced to consider leaving their current jobs in the city to take positions elsewhere in suburbs where driving wouldn't be too much of a hindrance.

Is anyone out there really listening to the concerns? This is absolutely ridiculous. The Port Authority employees have to wake up and smell the coffee of the real world and realize some sacrifices on their part need to be made for them to secure their own jobs and future pensions, etc., with the Port Authority. The world is full of give and take -- but unfortunately we riders are the only people giving in these troubled times, and the Port Authority continues to take, take, take from us riders.


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