Readshaw campaign ad on transportation takes the low road

Written by Jon Schmitz on .

State Rep. Erin Molchany’s campaign is protesting a new attack ad from Rep. Harry Readshaw, her opponent in the Democratic primary, targeting her vote for the transportation funding bill.

“Fact: Molchany fought for and voted for Governor Corbett’s crushing new gas taxes, the highest in America,” it says.

That’s not a fact — Pennsylvania has the fifth-highest gasoline tax in the U.S.

“Corbett and Molchany hiked gas taxes 30 cents a gallon to fund transit projects in Philadelphia,” it says.

False. The gasoline tax went up 9.5 cents on Jan. 1 and will rise 9.7 cents next January and at least 8 cents in 2017. Gasoline prices have gone up about 30 cents a gallon since the start of the year, but less than a dime of that is attributable to the gas tax increase. Evidently, Mr. Readshaw wants consumers to think the transportation bill caused all of the increase.

And here’s how much of the gasoline tax goes to “transit projects in Philadelphia”: Zero.

Under the Pennsylvania Constitution that Mr. Readshaw has sworn to uphold many times in his 20-year career, gasoline tax revenue is reserved for roads and bridges. The additional funding in the transportation bill that will go to transit, not just in Philadelphia but Pittsburgh and statewide, is coming mostly from the Pennsylvania Turnpike and traffic fines.

It would be easy for Mr. Readshaw to air a truthful ad contrasting his vote against the bill with Ms. Molchany’s vote in favor, but when it comes to transportation, he appears to prefer the low road.


Dept. of Things I Didn’t Know: Pennsylvania has the third-most miles of toll roads in the nation, behind only Florida and Oklahoma. The Washington Post provides the details here.


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Pennsylvania has slipped a bit in the annual League of American Bicyclists ranking of bicycle-friendly states, to 19th. Last year the state was ranked 15th. Washington has been named the most bike-friendly state seven years in a row. You can view the rankings here.


menatworkEastbound Interstate 70 will have lane restrictions Monday through Thursday during pothole patching. The restrictions will occur between Murtland Avenue-Route 19 and the I-79 south junction from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

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