Episcopal bishop: Parkland shooting symptom of a 'spiritual cancer'

Written by Peter Smith on .

Pittsburgh Episcopal Bishop Dorsey McConnell sees the Parkland school shooting as evidence of a spiritual, not just political crisis.

In a pastoral letter shortly after the Ash Wednesday massacre, the bishop said the massacre recalled the ancient death cult of Moloch, the false deity to whom devotees sacrificed their children:


What we are dealing with is not merely a political matter that can be resolved through national debate. It is an idolatry that demands national repentance, a spiritual cancer that has captured the souls of countless Americans of all parties and political persuasions, and that is metastasizing rapidly: namely, the belief that the rights of individuals take precedence over the collective good.


We know that Parkland will happen again. We also know it is happening every day all around us, but in neighborhoods that don't get much attention: Homewood, Wilkinsburg, and places such as these, where children kill children and no one thinks to put their pictures on the front page of the New York Times. If we really want such horrors to end, we need to recognize our enchantment, repent and turn to God's vision of true community. Yes, there will be political necessities as we do so, but none of this will be possible without the reform of our hearts.

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