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U.S. political chasm over Israel

Written by Peter Smith on .


American attitudes toward Israel are increasingly getting to look as polarized as many other areas of American life.

Growing numbers of Republicans sympathize more with Israel than Palestine, while declining numbers do among Democrats, among whom about equal numbers sympathize with each side,  according to the Pew Research Center.

It's a growing contrast from the historic and uncompromising bi-partisan support for Israel. It also coincides with a time of governments in both countries that are staunchly to the right politically, with crucial support from their strong, conservative religious factions.

One can debate which factors are causes and which are effects. Certainly the Netanyahu-Obama clashes over Iran and settlements had a polarizing effect, as do the current Netanyahu-Trump rapport. Also it wouldn't be a surprise if, under the concept of intersectionality, many Democrats characterize Palestinians as suffering from a long-term injustice under Israeli rule. 

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