Massively divided

Written by Peter Smith on .

More than half of Republicans and Democrats each think the other party's policies are "so misguided they pose a threat to the country," according to the latest survey of the Public Religion Research Institute.

One after another, the survey shows how deep and wide the wounds are in the nation's divisions.

"The story is less about who loves their own party than who hates the other party," says PRRI's Robert Jones. 

The research says:

"Donald Trump gets low marks from the public on his job performance as president. About four in ten (41%) Americans approve of the job he is doing, while a majority (54%) disapprove."

In fact, nearly half of Americans not only disapprove of Trump but consider his policies a danger to the country.

Yet Republicans remain loyal. "Among those who approve of Trump’s job performance, nearly four in ten (37%) say there is almost nothing the president could do to lose their approval."

He has a particularly loyal constituency in white evangelicals: "Clearly white evangelical Protestants still strongly in the president's corner."

Full report here. 


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