Pennsylvanians vote for a 'Philexit'

Written by Kaitlin O'Dougherty on .


What would it be like to say goodbye to Philadelphia? (Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette)

The Brexit, or the British exit, got people thinking- what part of Pennsylvania should leave the state if given the opportunity? Harper polling conducted "Our Commonwealth Poll" to find out.

52 percent of the state were not sure but 29 percent voted that Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania should be the ones to go. Pittsburgh and the southwest only received 7 percent of the votes so it looks like we are safe for now.

However, some Philadelphia residents were not very happy with the decision.



Votes were scattered at 4 percent each for Scranton and the Lehigh Valley, South Central Pennsylvania and the Northern Tier.

The Philly cheese steak was apparently not enough to garner support for the Philadelphia area.


(Illustration by Daniel Marsula)

'Philexit' was not the only element surveyed. Salad dressings, vacation spots and word choices were only some of the topics that made the poll. Here are some of the more interesting observations:

  • Ranch is the top salad dressing
  • 77 percent of those surveyed say soda not pop
  • You all beat out yinz and y'all
  • 42 percent feel they are happier than the average Pennsylvanian
  • Unsurprisingly, a majority of people are in favor of 80's music
  • The Jersey Shore is the top vacation spot

The poll also measured how different professions and institutions stack up in the eye's of the public. The position of CEO is not looked upon favorably, while construction workers rated highly.

No matter the circumstances the state would be drastically different without "the city of brotherly love." There is enough room for all of us in the state of Pennsylvania.


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