Pokémon Go across the country

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(Haley Nelson/Post-Gazette)

Richard Liao of Oakland makes his way around an alley while playing Pokemon Go in Oakland. 

Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon seemingly overnight. The fun is not only had within the app, but also by the countless interactions people have while playing the game. It has finally forced people to get outside and interact again, the opposite of what technology has been said to do in the past.

There have been many jokes as well as many concerns surrounding the game. It is interesting to look at how how this game has affected all 50 states.

AlabamaPokémon Go was banned from a cemetery in this state due to the fact that it may disrupt funerals. They have even asked the game developer to remove their location from the game.

Pokemon Go Trespassing-2

(Mark Thiessen/Associated Press)

A sign is shown at the National Weather Service in Anchorage.

Alaska: National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Snider had to post signs warning players not to trespass on federal property when he saw people gathering near the Anchorage headquarters.

Arizona: Jeannette Warner was playing the game in Buckeye when she saw a young boy being bullied and called 911. As the paramedics arrived, the boy was collapsing from a heat stroke. This game became a blessing that day.

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(Joshua Boucher/Texarkana Gazette)

Brothers Jon and Ryan Edmonds play Pokémon Go in downtown Texarkana, Ark.

Arkansas: The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department issued a warning to all drivers playing the game to get a designated driver. They equated playing the game and driving to texting and driving, saying the same precautions apply.

California: Two men were playing the game in Lone Oak Park in Antelope when an armed man demanded they hand over their phones and money. The only reason the two were in the park was because they were catching Pokémon.

Colorado: A Pokémon Go bar crawl is planned in Denver for August 20. The event has over 1,300 RSVPs already and the goal is to refuel while walking around catching Pokémon.

Connecticut: The game is helping businesses in Connecticut, as in many other areas of the country. Pokéstops outside businesses doors help attract customers inside.

Delaware: Craigslist missed connections feature is being used in Delaware when people find another player attractive and hope the ad on Craigslist will help them connect again.


(Alan Diaz/Associated Press)

A group of Pokemon Go players check their smartphones as they look for Pokemon at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

Florida: A morning news anchor in Tampa walked through a weather newscast in order to capture her Pokémon.

Georgia: Six Flags Over Georgia offers a guide to surviving a day in the park while catching the many Pokémon there.

Hawaii: Everyone is in on the action as there are many Pokéstops in Hawaii as well. Some excursions even include going to volcano parks to play.

Idaho: Two 18-year-olds were the playing the game at 4 a.m. when they saw an act of possible arson behind a church and alerted police.

IllinoisA Pokémon Go meetup has been planned for this Sunday in Millennium Park in Chicago. Over 7,000 people plan to attend.

Indiana: The Muncie Indiana Shelter has asked people to help walk the shelter dogs through a program called "Pokemon Dogs."

Iowa: An LGBT equality organization called One Iowa is planning a Pokémon meetup from 6 to 7 p.m. next Wednesday in the Pappajohn Sculpture Park. They hope to educate people on transgender issues.

Kansas: The issue was addressed that those signed in with a Google account may have given the company access to private information.

Kentucky: The Louisvillle Zoo claims to have around 33 spots that gamers should check out to catch Pokémon. They are hosting an event Sunday for anyone interested.

LouisianaShreveport's Duck Pond proved to be a popular stop because two gyms and two Pokéstops are located near it.

MaineThere is a map in Maine detailing where all of the best stops are to catch these creatures.

Maryland: Three University of Maryland students were robbed while playing the game, again reminding users to remain aware.

Massachusetts: A man's home showed up as a gym on the game and he has been dealing with more visitor traffic ever since.


(Gavin McIntyre/The Bay City Times)

Justin Smith makes a quick stop on his bicycle to catch a Pokemon while playing Pokemon Go in Bay City, Mich. 

Michigan: A man playing the game in Holland Township led him to find an unconscious, intoxicated woman in her car.

Minnesota: The game entered the NFL and produced an exchange between the Bears and the Vikings.

Mississippi: Two people in Clinton were robbed while playing the game, adding to the poll of other players who have been robbed around the country.

Missouri: Three teenagers in St. Louis used the game to attract players by placing "beacons" and then robbing those who showed up. 

Montana: Police in Great Falls remind people that the same laws for trespassing still exist with the game and players can get in trouble for being on other's property.

NebraskaThe Memorial Stadium will be open tonight from 4-6 p.m. for Pokémon Go players.

Nevada: NextGen Climate Nevada is creating a meetup for players to engage and to inform them about the importance of electing "climate-aware candidates."

New Hampshire: The Pelham police told game users to remember to wear bright clothing if searching at night, a tip that could help avoid some of the dangers of the game.

New Jersey: Luis Rodriguez, 29, of Easton, is launching what he calls Pokeguber. This is essentially Uber but for those going to Pokestops or gyms.

New Mexico: A guide at a museum in Albuquerque that remembers those lost to genocide said they feel playing Pokémon is disrespectful to the museum.

New YorkA well-known Youtuber in New York, Casey Neistat, made a film detailing what life is like in New York City with this app.

Pokemon GoNC

 (Kaitlin McKeown/The Herald-Sun)

People play "Pokemon Go" on the field at Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, N.C. 

North Carolina: A father and son went on a search for Pokémon in Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and saw many others doing the same.

North DakotaCool 98.7 FM has a game where one tries to identify if a word is a North Dakota city or a Pokemon.

OhioTwo people were arrested after attempting to jump a Toledo Zoo fence to catch a Pokémon.

OklahomaThe Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum is actually welcoming players because it is opening people's eyes to the museum.

Oregon: A man in Forest Grove was stabbed while playing the game late at night but continued the hunt after instead of going to the hospital.


 (Michael Henninger/Post-Gazette)

Chris Kosin, left, and Josh Koshar, both of Lawrenceville, play Pokemon Go in the Allegheny Cemetery.

 Pennsylvania: A 15-year-old crossing the street in a Pittsburgh suburb was struck by a car while playing the game. She deleted the app after this incident.

- The Riverhounds and Highmark Stadium are also getting in the action, while some cemeteries are embracing it.

Rhode Island: Tiffany Vail, associate conference Minister for communications for the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island conferences of the United Church of Christ recognized the fact that churches could attract the younger generation with this game.


South Carolina: Governor Nikki Haley got in on the action as she posted a picture of herself catching a Poliwag in her office.

South Dakota: In Sioux Falls the police have been receiving a lot of suspicious person calls; however, these people usually turn out to be Pokémon Go players.

Tennessee: Joyride Nashville is offering Pokémon Go tours to help people capture the creatures more easily. 

Texas: An 18-year-old man was bitten by a venomous snake while playing the game in a Flower Mound park. It seemed to be a copperhead snake.

Utah: Rudy Gobert of the NBA’s Utah Jazz was watching some basketball when a Spearow interrupted his attention to the court.

Vermont: Elaine Young is from a rural part of Vermont and said the game is much harder to play in these areas. There are no Pokémon in sight- a horror for some people.

Virginia: The Science Museum of Virginia will be placing lures to hold a contest at the museum. The person who catches the most Pokémon during the time allotted will win a free family membership to the museum.

TEC-Pokemon-Opt Out

(Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

People stand in line to enter the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

WashingtonThe Holocaust Memorial Museum is not happy about the influx of Pokémon. They feel it is disrespectful due to the nature of the museum and are asking for their location to be removed from the game.

West Virginia: A Facebook page called Pokémon GO West Virginia connects individuals from the state online. It is yet another platform the players can interact on.

Wisconsin: A guide to Wisconsin's Capitol building is available. There are supposedly many Pokéstops around the building.

Wyoming: Shayla Wiggins was just trying to catch a Pokémon when she discovered a man's dead body in the river. There did not seem to be foul play involved. 

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