Forever inked: Penguins Stanley Cup champions

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So your team just won a championship.

More specifically, the Penguins just won the Stanley Cup.

You can mark the occasion by buying a DVD package of the series, or shirts, hats, or by ordering a commemorative edition from the Post-Gazette to hang it on your wall....or you could make it part of your body.

Like in tattoo form.

That's what Gretchen and Bill Gross of Lehigh Valley did.


Matching husband and wife Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Victory Years!!! BOOM!!! 1991, 1992, 2009, 2016. #mindseyetattoo #pittsburghpenguins #stanleycup #lordstanley #ThankYouPens #icehockeyislife #icehockey #letsgopens

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The married couple and parents of two decided to get matching tattoos to show their love for each other and, of course, their favorite Pittsburgh team: The Penguins.

"It was an idea in progress and we wanted to get something that, you know, we hope we can add in to," Gretchen said. (Looking at you, Penguins)

Located on the back of her forearm and on Bill's shoulder ("He's a teacher so he had to make sure it was above his sleeve"), the couple decided on going simple to mark the occasion using Roman numerals.

"We were thinking of having the Stanley Cup with the years they've won above it," but instead went with the numerals so it would peak people's curiosity, Gretchen said.

Indeed, it's not often you see Roman numerals of Ms and Cs.

As Gretchen pointed, it's tough to be a Pittsburgh fan of anything when you're in enemy territory, aka Philadelphia, so the family has tried to make it a tradition to attend a Penguins game every December, though this year that was not possible due to the traveling schedule of Blake, their 11-year-old son's hockey team.

(Another sign of how their love for the Penguins runs deep — Gretchen said her son was so upset he cried when the Phantoms, the minor league affiliate for the Philadelphia Flyers, took over his team's organization in sponsorship.)

The family was still able to enjoy the city with the Penguins fan base a couple of weeks ago at the Stanley Cup Victory Parade.

"It was a spur of the moment thing," Gretchen said. “We get such a hard time being here [in Eastern Pa.], but the Penguins are our team, and it was so refreshing being in Pittsburgh."

It was a refreshing experience for their 8-year-old daughter Sarah, too.

"At the parade, where they did the hand off of the Stanley Cup, Sarah had a Crosby shirt on and at one point he looked at her and she started crying," Gretchen said. "She was like, 'He looked at me, thank you!' while crying. It was like The Beatles.”

As someone who was covering the parade that day, I can confirm she was not the only spectator crying when Sidney Crosby looked at them.


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We know it's natural some players will get said Stanley Cup inked on them (re: Pascal Dupuis in 2009)


(Peter Diana/Post-Gazette)

As for Pittsburgh fans, their loyalty to their teams just keeps on growing, as Bill and Gretchen have demonstrated. How about YOU?! Did you get a tattoo to commemorate a Pittsburgh championship (or, you know, just the love of a team)? If so, we'd like to share your photo and story! Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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