The best U.S. city to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Pittsburgh, of course

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We'll take the honor.

According to Niche, a content startup founded in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon University students as, Pittsburgh ranks as the top city to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Queue Pittsburgh's reaction:

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But in all seriousness, as one Post-Gazette staff member said, "About time we get our due."

This could also explain why Guinness is the most talked-about beer among fans when it comes to watching Steelers games.

So what did Niche take into account when creating their list?

The site lists:

  • Access to bars: A combination of bars per 1,000 residents and bars per square mile (Carries 35% weight)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Facebook hype: Percentage of residents interested in the topic "St. Patrick's Day" on Facebook compared to the percentage of residents on Facebook (Carries 35% weight)
  • Percent Irish: Percentage of the population that identifies as, well, Irish (Carries 20% weight)
  • Parade: The year the city's first St. Patrick's Day was held (Carries 10% weight)

Other factors that played a role were that a city had to have a population of at least 100,000 residents, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade had to be at least 25 years old, and the city had to have a positive "Facebook Hype." (This last factor disqualified large cities like San Francisco and New York City — in other words, get more social online, people.)

In the list, Chicago took the 10th spot, with a 6.9% Irish population, an A+ grade for access to bars, 1843 as the year their parade was established, and 16% St. Patrick’s Day Facebook hype.

Among other regional cities on the list are Cleveland, Ohio, at No. 8 (8.0% Irish population, A+ access to bars grade, parade established in 1867, and 75% St. Patrick’s Day Facebook hype) and Philadelphia at No. 5 (11.3% Irish population, A+ access to bars grade, parade established in 1771, and 27% St. Patrick’s Day Facebook hype).

Pittsburgh, of course, took the top spot with a 13.5% Irish population, A+ in access to bars grade, 1869 as the year our parade was established, and an impressive 136% St. Patrick’s Day Facebook hype (though, gotta say, not as impressive as No. 6 Savannah, Ga.'s 567% Facebook hype).

Boston — who many will probably argue deserves the top spot — came in second.

But as we like to say:


The full list can be found here.

Until then, get your green ready — there's no excuse for this.


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