Flyers fans trying to buy Penguins through crowdfunding site?

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Uncertainty and controversy have been surrounding the sale of the Penguins franchise, including questions whether the public should get a cut, as our Jenn Menendez and Rich Lord reported yesterday. In case you missed it, the asking price for the Penguins is $750 million.

And in case you didn't think things could get more contentious, the Flyers fans are now involved trying to foot the bill. Sort of. 

A Flyers hockey blog called the Orange and Black Pack launched an online campaign on a crowdfunding site GoFundMe, with the goal of raising, ummm, $750 million.

As of Sunday, the campaign reached 59 backers, who contributed $1,059 towards "Buy the Pens" cause. 

"We figure since the Flyers already figuratively own the Penguins, their fans might as well literally own them," the welcome message on reads.


"In the very likely event we do not raise the money required to purchase the Penguins franchise, 100% of the money we have raised will be donated to Flyers Wives charities. Information on who Flyers Wives charities supports can be found here:

Please help us purchase the worst franchise in the NHL so we can try to make it better by doing things like:
- Painting the entire inside of the arena Orange and Black
- Putting a giant photo of Claude Giroux on the outside of the building, facing the highway
- Repainting the parking lots stripes orange, with a Flyers logo in each spot
- Using colored thread to impose a beach ball in the net behind Fleury
- Make a wall of fame in the concourse with photos of our top donators"

Some Pittsburgh folks tried to take a joke to the next level: 



The weighed in as well:


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